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Energy 25-04-2022

Fleets of hydrogen taxis are picking up across Europe

Europe's market for hydrogen-powered taxis is becoming increasingly competitive, with French company Hype, which has developed them in Paris since 2015, being among the frontrunners. EURACTIV France reports.
Electric vehicles 21-01-2021

Electric vehicles granted grace period to avoid Brexit tariffs

Electric vehicles traded between the EU and the UK have been given a grace period to prevent trade being slammed with tariffs, but battery producers need to start preparing now to meet the deadline, industry sources say.
Automated vehicles 16-02-2018

Divisions over proposal to end Eurovignette system

The European Parliament could pass a law on the compulsory replacement of the Eurovignette, by a system of tolls, despite the reluctance of Member States. EURACTIV.fr reports
Transport 09-10-2015

Dieselgate exposes member state opposition to emissions curbs

Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and most Eastern member states are reluctant to adopt stricter rules to limit emissions from diesel vehicles, despite watered down proposals from the European Commission.
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Transport 14-09-2015

Light and safe – How aluminium keeps you protected

Aluminium is the perfect solution for light and safe vehicles. At equal safety aluminium structural components can be made up to 40% lighter than steel. Light-weight aluminium also makes vehicles easier to handle and shortens braking distances, thereby helping to avoid accidents in the first place. And even if a crash happens, the lower weight of aluminium reduces the crash energy which must be absorbed during an accident. This minimises the overall impact and damage caused by a crash. Watch this video and find out why aluminium is the best choice for safe transport. If you want to learn more about vehicle safety follow @EU_aluminium
Transport 07-05-2013

Lawmakers vote to limit van speed, reject stronger CO2 target

The European Parliament’s environment committee on Tuesday (7 May) called for the installation of electric speed limiters for vans to prevent their accelerating beyond an agreed 120kph cap. But MEPs rejected reducing the 2020 target for van CO2 emissions to 118g per km.
Transport 16-07-2012

Commission seeks tougher road safety rules

The European Commission is proposing tougher vehicle testing rules that for the first time would require inspections of all motorcycles and scooters. The move comes as the number of road deaths spiked in recent months.
Transport 21-06-2012

Parliament wants mandatory emergency eCall system in cars

The European Parliament´s internal market and transport committees have adopted a non-binding resolution calling for all new cars to be fitted with eCall devices to alert rescue services in case of crashes by 2015.
Transport 24-06-2010

EU faces uphill battle in CO2 law for vans

Proposed EU legislation to set CO2 reduction targets for vans is in for a rocky ride as divisions remain over its expected impact on Europe's car manufacturing industry.
Transport 25-09-2008

Truckmakers seek to avert car-style CO2 caps

As MEPs prepare to vote on a legislative proposal imposing caps on the CO2 emissions of new cars, the automotive industry is warning against introducing similar measures for vans and minibuses, which the Commission is planning to propose by the end of the year.
Transport 25-06-2008

MEPs back stronger clean vehicle procurement plans

The European Parliament's Environment Committee yesterday (24 June) voted in favour of earlier implementation of plans making it mandatory for government authorities to ensure public transport fleets and other utility vehicles are clean and energy efficient.
Transport 20-12-2007

EU proposes clean vehicle procurement plan

As part of its drive to promote more sustainable urban transport, the Commission has revived a proposal requiring government authorities to ensure that their public transport fleets and other public-utility vehicles, such as garbage lorries or delivery vans, are clean and energy efficient. 
Climate change 01-09-2000

On the road to Green Cars

An international agreement to develop global environmental regulations for motor vehicles took effect on 25 August.

End-of-life vehicles directive approved

The Council and the European Parliament reached an agreement in the conciliation committee on end of life vehicles directive