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Anti-government protests sweep Czech Republic

Thousands gathered in Prague and other Czech cities on Wednesday (10 May) for protests against Vice-Prime Minister Babiš and President Zeman, claiming they will continue to demonstrate until both politicians resign. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.
Global Europe 20-02-2017

Czech deputy PM: A ‘different’ migration is needed

We have to change NATO from a defence pact to tan offensive pact, Andrej Babiš, the Czech minister of finance, who also serves as deputy premier, told Euractiv Poland.
Miloš Zeman. [Czech Radio].
Central Europe 18-11-2016

Czechs commemorate the Velvet Revolution with alarm clocks

In the Czech Republic, tensions stirred by President Miloš Zeman, who calls himself “the Czech Trump”, are making themselves felt.
Central Europe 08-05-2015

New Czech EU policy strategy: The anchor of responsible membership

EU membership is first and foremost a gateway to liberty and freedom, not in the purely economic sense, but in terms of personal freedom, writes Tomáš Prouza.
Elections 07-11-2012

Slovak MEP: ‘Acceleration of history’ may redraw borders

Today’s economic crisis acts as a catalyst for the “acceleration of history”, a phenomenon similar to the times after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which brought something which was not expected - the split of Czechoslovakia - former Slovak foreign minister and current MEP Eduard Kukan told EURACTIV.
Future EU 07-11-2012

Kukan: Separatism alone cannot lead to creation of a state

Asked to compare Czechoslovakia's Velvet Divorce two decades ago to today's separatist tendencies in Europe, Slovak MEP Eduard Kukan says separatism alone cannot lead to the creation of a state.