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Technology 10-11-2021

The European tech sector faces its next challenge

As capital markets are becoming more mature in several European countries, the new challenge for startups is securing talent. Still, remote working, business solutions and upcoming EU policies could disrupt the landscape.
Economy & Jobs 16-12-2020

Venturing into cohesion: EU structural funds help create Croatian start-up ecosystem

Equity projects remain an under-explored form of EU financing to jump-start innovation in developing capital markets, but Fil Rouge Capital, a Croatian project, shows they can be a fruitful avenue to stimulate the domestic business ecosystem while raising the country's profile internationally.
EU-Africa 05-10-2018

Venture capital with a difference: targeting Africa’s ‘missing middle’

The 'missing middle' of the financial services spectrum in much of sub-Saharan Africa means that start-ups are unable to find the investment they need to grow. But venture capital firms are looking at companies that target the low-income mass market.

Moedas: ‘Countries that increased spending in R+D better weathered the crisis’

Innovation was a top priority for the world's most powerful nations at the G20 meeting last September, in Hangzhou. However, Europe still has some “negative trends” to address, says Commissioner Carlos Moedas.

Why new venture capital regulation is essential to Europe’s start-ups and SMEs

The European Commission’s proposal to review the EuVECA regulation are a welcome step forward, but if changes are not implemented, European venture capital will likely stay local and stay small, writes Michael Collins.
Euro & Finance 02-02-2016

Unlocking Europe’s business potential

With the Commission’s strong leadership on Capital Markets Union, Europe can give its dynamic businesses the tools they need to turn 2016 into the year of the unicorn, writes Michael Collins. 
Euro & Finance 17-12-2015

Foreign investment in European ‘unicorns’: A hollow debate?

The acute lack of venture capital in Europe means that 40-60% of funding rounds greater than €10 million are financed by American firms. For the directors of the French fund Idinvest, this is not a problem. Our partner La Tribune reports.
Technology 04-11-2015

CEO: How I turned ?€3K into more than a million for my start-up in just 18 months

Four European entrepreneurs put ?€3,000, all they had, into their digital start-up which rents out long-term accommodation to students and professionals.
Simon Lewis

Will a CMU deliver vital funding for Europe’s SMEs?

The European Commission unveiled its Capital Market Union (CMU) proposal last week. While the US provides a useful model for comparison, Europe must adapt SME funding to the specificities of the domestic market, writes Simon Lewis.

Berlin outranks London in start-up investment

A new study confirms Berlin is the start-up capital of Europe but for those responsible for the sector's success it is no time to rest. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.

Venture capitalist: Private equity is weathering the financial storm

Levels of private equity investment have increased in 12 European countries despite the listless economy, a recent report shows. Vincenzo Morelli tells EURACTIV the findings show that companies backed by private equity are the most innovative in Europe.
SMEs 15-10-2012

Venture capital impetus to counter SME finance malaise

SPECIAL REPORT / Pan-European venture capital and US-style 'angel investors' are set to be boosted to fight a continuing malaise in Europe’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sector, along with measures to reduce red tape.
Brexit 08-12-2011

Brussels seeks to boost SMEs’ access to venture capital

The European Commission proposed yesterday (7 December) a new regulation that is supposed to make it easier for venture capitalists to raise funds across the EU and lend more money to innovators and start-up businesses.
Euro & Finance 17-08-2011

Bank capital rules squeeze lending, lobby warns

EU business lobbyists have launched a campaign to allow small investors like venture capital funds to operate across borders as bank lending threatens to dry up. 
Economy & Jobs 28-01-2011

Brussels considers bold plan to finance start-ups

The European Union is considering an ambitious plan to help business start-ups find financing, EURACTIV has learned. Within two years, the EU wants to ensure that venture capital funds established in any member state can function and invest freely throughout the bloc by adopting a new legislative regime.
Brexit 01-07-2010

Venture capital market has ‘hit the bottom’

Europe's fledgling venture capital market has hit a ''trough'' and needs public money to stimulate its return to growth, according to the European Investment Fund – the EU's long-term investment body. EURACTIV reports from the European Business Summit (EBS) in Brussels.
Brexit 25-05-2010

Biotech start-ups turn to US for finance

Ambitious European biotech firms still look to the US when they need large sums of venture capital, according to EU officials, who fear home-grown talent is crossing the Atlantic. 
Brexit 07-05-2010

EU investment funds directive ‘will hurt SMEs’

New rules designed to improve the transparency of investment funds could make venture capital less attractive to small businesses by forcing them to publish commercially sensitive information, according to venture capitalists.

EU to end double taxation for venture capital

The EU plans to boost cross-border venture capital investment by preventing double taxation for funds working in more than one European country.
Brexit 23-03-2010

EIB ramping up support for venture capital

The EU has stepped up its investment in the venture capital industry and will make a €1 billion fund available by the end of 2012, European Investment Bank (EIB) Vice-President Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen told EURACTIV in an interview.
Brexit 23-03-2010

VP: EIB likely to overshoot target on SME funding

The EU has stepped up its investment in the venture capital industry and will make a €1 billion fund available by the end of 2012, European Investment Bank (EIB) Vice-President Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen told EURACTIV in an interview.
Euro & Finance 15-03-2010

Venture capitalists: Funds regulation will ‘destroy’ innovation

Two thirds of European venture capitalists would radically reduce their investments if new EU rules on private equity come into force, according to a survey released today (15 March) ahead of a meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels.
Brexit 18-02-2010

Innovation chief: Venture capital can turn science into commerce

Europe produces more research papers than the US or Japan but needs an influx of venture capital to turn inventions into commercial success, according to Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, EU commissioner for research, innovation and science.

Europe catches up on clean tech venture investment

Venture capital investment in clean technology continued strongly in 2009 despite the financial crisis, with European investment declining by just 12% as opposed to 42% in North America, according to market researchers Cleantech Group and Deloitte.