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Coronavirus 24-06-2022

Provisional deal reached on how to handle future pandemics

EU member states and the European Parliament reached a provisional deal on the long-awaited file on serious cross-border threats to health on Thursday (23 June). The deal has a strong focus on prevention, Parliament rapporteur Véronique Trillet-Lenoir told EURACTIV.
Health 10-12-2021

EU lawmakers want to strengthen bloc’s role in fight against cancer

The European Parliament's special committee on cancer control (BECA) adopted on Thursday (9 December) a report on "Strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer". EURACTIV France reports.
Health 11-11-2021

MEPs demand active participation in HERA’s governance

The European Parliament plenary voted on Thursday (11 November) for transparency, close cooperation and an in-depth review of HERA operations, aligning the new EU health emergency body with the future regulation on cross-border health threats.
Health 13-10-2021

France leads Europe in care for metastatic breast cancer patients, but not in screening

Although France is seen as a "leader" in organising the care of women with metastatic cancer,  as their quality of life has become an essential aspect of patient care in France, screening - which can reduce mortality by 20% - must be stepped up. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 28-05-2021

New EU health innovation rules edge closer

After three years, the game-changing health technology assessment, which determines the effectiveness and value of new technologies, has finally reached interinstitutional negotiations, but a number of challenges remain.