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Politics 21-05-2021

Diplomat: EU could seek to bypass Hungary after series of vetoes

The EU could begin issuing statements on behalf of 26 members rather than all 27 following a series of vetoes by Hungary on a range of issues, an EU diplomat told journalists on Friday (21 May).

‘It’s not gonna work’, Orbán says about Polish veto retreat

Hungary and Poland have committed to supporting each other's position in the budget row, and attaching a declaration to the rule of law regulation does not work for Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a weekly radio interview on Friday (4 December), following news that Poland may be softening its position on the veto.
Economy & Jobs 26-11-2020

Hungarian, Polish PMs to discuss EU budget veto

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will hold talks with his Polish counterpart in Budapest Thursday (26 November) on their recent EU budget veto, as Orbán suggested a possible solution to the row.
Future EU 08-02-2013

Denmark receives €134-million rebate in new budget

The Danes are set to get a yearly rebate of 1 billion Danish crowns (€134 million), the country's first, according to the newest EU budget proposal by European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.  
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Future EU 06-02-2013

MEPs threaten to veto EU budget deal

Only two days before EU leaders will hold talks on the next 7-year EU budget, MEPs on Tuesday threatened to veto the eventual agreement if further cuts are made. Some member states, like the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden, have expressed their wish to slash the budget by an additional 30 billion euros. They argue that EU expenditure should be in line with national austerity policies. "Today's proposal is actually an act of political resignation, and we are going to reject it", EPP leader Joseph Daul said.
EU Priorities 2020 22-11-2012

Latvia, Italy join club threatening to veto the EU budget

Latvia and Italy could veto Union's seven-year budget deal that was not in their country's interest, respective leaders said yesterday (21 November). Up to now, Austria, Britain, Denmark, Romania and Sweden have threatened to sink the long-term EU budget if the agreement would harm their national interests.
EU Priorities 2020 26-10-2012

Denmark ready to veto EU budget unless it gets a rebate

Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has said she will block talks on the 2014-2020 EU budget unless she is offered a rebate of 1 billion Danish crowns (€134 million).
Global Europe 06-02-2012

Sarkozy pushes ‘Friends of Syria’ group at UN

Western and Arab states voiced outrage yesterday (5 February) after Russia and China vetoed a UN resolution that would have backed an Arab plan urging Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to give up power. French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed creating a "Friends of Syria" group to advance initiative.
Climate change 13-04-2011

Britain set to veto EU carbon tax plans

The British government is "highly likely" to block European Commission proposals for a carbon tax contained in a widely-circulated draft version of the Energy Taxation Directive, EU diplomatic sources said yesterday (12 April).
Security 06-12-2006

UK leads on EU veto-system reform block

At least 14 nations, led by Britain, have reaffirmed their opposition to yielding national powers over cross-border policing and counter-terrorism issues to the EU.
Security 25-09-2006

Justice veto left standing post-Tampere

Following disagreement by EU ministers concerning whether to give up rejection rights on counter-terrorism and cross-border policing, the Finnish summit left the national veto intact.

Dissatisfaction over Nice Treaty

Members of the European Parliament expressed their dissatisfaction over the results of the Nice Summit

European Parliament threatens to reject Nice Treaty

On Tuesday morning 12 December, President Chirac will present the results of the Nice Summit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Nice strengthens position of Commission President

The Nice agreement has strenghtened the position of the President of the European Commission

Nice: agreement after longest Summit ever

After the longest EU Summit ever, leaders of the 15 member states reached an agreement on major reforms of the institutions