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Enlargement 08-12-2016

EU should recognise Romania as bulwark against Russian expansionism

Moldova and Bulgaria recently joined Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in electing leaders with strong ties to the Kremlin. Romania remains the last pro-European bastion, writes Nicolas Tenzer.
Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski
Central Europe 14-01-2016

The West is losing the battle for the heart of Europe

The governments of the countries in Central Europe feel less and less loyal to the European Union, writes John Loyd.
Central Europe 27-07-2015

Rosia Montana, an omen for TTIP

Romanians decided two years ago not to host Europe's largest gold mine. Now the Canadian mining company behind the project is seeking massive compensation from Bucharest, in a case that foreshadows what TTIP could bring, writes Claudia Ciobanu.
Central Europe 12-12-2014

Ponta failed where Erdo?an succeeded

There are many similarities between the Romanian Prime Minister and the new Turkish President, write Demir Murat Seyrek and Sabina-Maria Ciofu.
Elections 19-07-2012

Romania and the EU: There is life after the referendum

Romania has to learn that, just as there was no easy way in, there is no easy way inside the EU club either. The European Commission is the guardian of the treaties and will act as such, as it did with other countries as well. This is one important lesson, says Radu Magdin.
Elections 09-07-2012

Romania: Balancing two hatreds

The fall of communism may have given Romanians the right to vote freely but, so far, their vote has been fuelled by hatred more than reason, writes Ovidiu Nahoi. With President Basescu facing an approval referendum, history seems to be repeating itself, he says.
Europe's East 04-07-2012

Who’s the real Victor in Romania?

The battle between Romania's president and prime minister over who should represent the country in Brussels only masks deeper problems, writes Barbara Frye.