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Global Europe 28-05-2022

Russia moves on key city of Severodonetsk, US ‘still committed’ to send rocket systems

Russian troops were approaching the strategic city of Severodonetsk on Friday (27 May) in a relentless offensive to control Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, as the war triggered a historic schism between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its Russian patriarchate. Pro-Russian...
Europe's East 27-05-2022

EU realistically in for the long-haul on Russian oil ban

Hungary is digging in its heels, and the prospect of the sixth sanction package against Russia, including a ban on imports of Russian oil, being approved before the EU summit on Monday (30 May) is decreasing, EURACTIV understands.
Global Europe 27-05-2022

Zelenskyy loses patience with EU divisions over new Russia sanctions

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Thursday (26 May) denounced divisions inside the European Union over more sanctions against Russia and asked why some nations were being allowed to block the plan.
Politics 25-05-2022

Hungary’s Orban turns again to windfall taxes on banks, companies to plug budget

Hungary's government will impose windfall taxes on banks and large private companies' "extra profits" in a bid to rein in a swelling budget deficit, turning again to a policy that has helped Viktor Orban avoid raising taxes for families.
Global Europe 25-05-2022

EU cracks over Ukraine widen ahead of summit as Italy, Hungary urge truce

Italy and Hungary have urged the EU to call for a ceasefire in Ukraine and peace talks with Russia, putting themselves at odds with other member states determined to take a hard line with Moscow ahead of next week's summit.
Global Europe 25-05-2022

Donbas fighting rages as Russia eyes prolonged war in Ukraine

Russia signalled on Tuesday (24 May) it was bedding in for a long war in Ukraine as the conflict entered its fourth month with heavy fighting in the east but signs of some normality returning elsewhere.
Europe's East 24-05-2022

No Russia oil embargo discussion at EU summit, says Hungary’s Orbán

Hungary will not drop its opposition to an EU embargo on Russian oil any time soon, and so EU leaders should not discuss the issue at next week’s summit in Brussels, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told European Council President Charles...
Europe's East 17-05-2022

EU reputation at stake as Hungary continues to block Russia sanctions

The EU has not found consensus on the new sanction package against Russia and an agreement could be still 'a week or two' away, EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell said on 17 May, as Hungary said it would not lift its veto.
Global Europe 16-05-2022

EU ministers urge Hungary to sign up to planned Russian oil embargo

EU foreign ministers sought to publicly pressure Hungary on Monday (16 May) to lift its veto on a proposed oil embargo on Russia, with Lithuania saying the bloc was being "held hostage by one member state".
Global Europe 06-05-2022

EU tweaks Russia oil sanctions plan in bid to win over reluctant states

The European Commission has proposed changes to its planned embargo on Russian oil to give Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic more time to prepare for the shift in their energy supplies, three EU sources said on Friday (6 May).
Global Europe 04-05-2022

Pope wants to visit Moscow to meet Putin over Ukraine

Pope Francis said in an interview published on Tuesday (3 May) that he asked for a meeting in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin to try to stop the war in Ukraine but had not received a reply.
Future EU 22-04-2022

ANALYSIS-Win or lose, Le Pen’s nationalism is already changing Europe

‘Frexit’ may be off the menu offered by Marine Le Pen ahead of Sunday’s crucial presidential run-off against incumbent Emmanuel Macron but the threat of a seismic shift to France’s position in Europe looms large ahead of polling day.
Elections 05-04-2022

Orban’s victory puts Hungary on collision course with EU

Emboldened by a fourth consecutive landslide election victory, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is expected to dig in against energy sanctions on Russia and toughen his stance in talks with Brussels to unlock frozen EU funds.
Europe's East 25-03-2022

EU summit marked by Zelenskyy shaming Hungary’s Orban

EU leaders gathered in Brussels on Thursday (24 March) making no major decisions, the summit being marked by the presence of US President Joe Biden and by a sharp video message by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. EU leaders repeated their...

NATO to discuss reinforcements in Southeastern Europe

As NATO defence ministers meet in Brussels this week amid US warnings of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, they are set to come up with a detailed plan for four new battle groups in southeastern Europe. The plan could...
Politics 15-02-2022

Poland, Hungary turning more authoritarian, rights group says

Hungary and Poland are turning increasingly authoritarian, a European rights group said on Tuesday (15 January), a day before the European Union's top court rules on whether to cut funding to member states flouting democratic rights and freedoms.
Elections 14-02-2022

Hungary’s Orban kicks off re-election campaign

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Saturday (12 February) kicked off his re-election campaign, touting his government's work and warning of an influx of refugees from Ukraine if war breaks out.

In Moscow, Orbán offers ‘Hungarian model’, blasts idea of sanctions

Amid simmering tensions between the West and Russia, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán blasted the ineffectiveness of the EU's punitive sanctions on Moscow and hailed his successful relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Global Europe 01-02-2022

Putin to host EU ally Orban amid Ukraine crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin will host talks Tuesday (1 February) with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has taken a softer line on the Ukraine crisis than NATO and the EU, with Hungary a member of both.
Economy & Jobs 17-01-2022

Price controls enter the European inflation debate

As inflation remains high, politicians and economists turn to other measures to contain prices, and age-old discussions around price controls are flaring up again, with Hungary’s Viktor Orbán putting them into practice.
Enlargement 13-01-2022

Commission doesn’t budge as lawmakers push to investigate enlargement chief over Bosnia

Following a letter from thirty EU lawmakers, the European Commission appeared to stand by its embattled enlargement chief on Thursday (13 January) and the statements issued after allegations were made in December that he had indirectly contributed to secessionist moves of Bosnian Serbs.
Global Europe 01-01-2022

Macron takes EU reins as election looms

France takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union on Saturday (1 January), affording President Emmanuel Macron the chance to pose as the EU's de facto leader in the run-up to national elections in April.

Internal issues aside, Slovenia’s EU presidency a ‘success’

During its six-month EU presidency, Slovenia successfully led the process of adopting European legislation, but that has been somewhat overshadowed by concerns from Brussels about the rule of law in the country, analysts say.
Technology 22-12-2021

Personal and professional links between Orbán and new Euronews owner

The venture capital firm set to acquire pan-European media outlet Euronews has long-standing personal and professional ties to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has drawn widespread criticism for having presided over a recent worsening of media pluralism in Hungary.