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Global Europe 23-11-2012

Ukrainian corruption overcomes European bureaucracy

The simple expectation from the Ukrainian authorities that the EU won't let Ukraine transformation into a new Belarus allows the current Ukrainian administration to manipulate the position of official Brussels in favour of itself, says Viktor Tkachuk.
Europe's East 23-10-2012

The phantom of the Eastern Partnership

Fast advantages from a proposed customs union with Russia will become an irresistible temptation for Ukrainian politicians in comparison with the uncertain prospects of the EU's 'Eastern Partnership' and Association Agreement, writes Viktor Tkachuk.
Europe's East 20-07-2012

Risk of EU contemplation regarding Ukraine

In the present agenda of cooperation between the EU and Ukraine, it makes no sense to discuss visa liberalisation, argues Viktor Tkachuk.
Europe's East 20-06-2012

Ukraine and the political disintegration of Europe

The EU isn't sure of its own political future, while Ukraine has no foreign policy strategy at all. However disappointing this may be, in these circumstances both Brussels and Kyiv have no other choice than to "imitate" that they are maintaining relations, agues Viktor Tkachuk.
Europe's East 31-05-2012

The political death of Ukrainian parliamentarism

The Ukranian parliament has boosted the practice of anti-national and anti-constitutional actions in the country. The ruling coalition has voluntarily passed over a part of its powers to the President and its administration and shown readiness to establish rigid control over the life of its citizens, argues Viktor Tkachuk.
Europe's East 15-05-2012

Who will be the president of Ukraine in 2015?

Europe's second-largest country faces an uncertain future, with both the opposition and the government unable to provide either genuine democracy or economic hope, making necessary the rise of an entirely new political leadership, argues Viktor Tkachuk.
Enlargement 06-04-2012

A new model of democracy in Ukraine

  Ukraine today, suffering from economic hardship and imperfect democracy, is reminiscent of Weimar Germany, says Viktor Tkachuk. He argues that instead of falling into dictatorship, the country can champion a new form of democracy through the direct participation of citizens and a leader with no ties to the existing political system.
Europe's East 02-03-2012

Putting Russia on a new path to democracy

  Ahead of Russia’s presidential election on 4 March, analyst Viktor Tkachuk hopes Russia will be able to transform its democratic model.
Ukraine 01-02-2012

‘Occupy monopolies’ through social media

Social networks can act as a catalyst to help direct democracy prevail over current economic and political monopolies, writes Viktor Tkachuk from the "People First" organisation in Ukraine.
Enlargement 02-12-2011

Is Ukraine the next link in a new iron curtain?

As tensions rise with Ukraine, as Russia seeks to establish a Eurasian Union, and as Vladimir Putin stands unopposed for the Russian presidency, one has to ask whether the European Union has written off the concept of one Europe and is now helping to build a new psychological wall in the East, says Viktor Tkachuk, head of "People First".
Europe's East 21-10-2011

The Tymoshenko Case: Don’t confuse the People and the Government

  While Yulia Tymoshenko's imprisonment is politically motivated and a sign of a failing justice system, the West should not punish the Ukrainian people for the actions President Viktor Yanukovich, argues Viktor Tkachuck.  
Enlargement 22-09-2011

Ukraine: Between a rock and a hard place

Ukraine is caught in a vice between the European crisis and Russian pressure, however, the formation of a Free Trade Area would be mutual interest to both Kyiv and Brussels with the added effect of shoring up the Ukrainian economy against Russian absorption, argues Viktor Tkachuk.