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Europe's East 09-06-2021

EU keeps sanctions on ex-Ukraine leader, despite court loss

The EU said Wednesday (9 June) that Ukraine's former president Viktor Yanukovych and his son remain subject to asset freezes despite a court annulling an earlier decision to renew the sanctions.
Europe's East 11-12-2019

‘Ukraine at its worst’: Is the new president targeting his predecessor?

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has opened a new pre-trial criminal investigation into former President Petro Poroshenko, in an act seen by many as politically motivated and a symbol of Ukrainian politics at its worst.
Europe's East 24-01-2019

Ukraine sentences ex-leader Yanukovych in absentia for treason

A Ukrainian court on Thursday (24 January) found ex-president Viktor Yanukovych guilty of high treason and sentenced him in absentia to 13 years in prison for asking Russia's Vladimir Putin to send troops to Ukraine.

Austrian extradition could spell trouble for Trump

An Austrian court on Tuesday (22 February) approved the extradition of Ukrainian businessman Dmytro Firtash to the United States in a bribery case, overturning an earlier ruling that had said the US request was politically motivated.
Europe's East 17-08-2016

Ukrainian protesters accuse prosecutors of abetting corruption

Ukrainian activists today (17 August) held a protest in central Kyiv accusing the country's powerful prosecutors of obstructing a newly formed national agency that has exposed massive official corruption.
Enlargement 01-07-2016

Groysman: Ukraine will join EU within 10 years

Ukraine will join the EU within the next decade, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said Friday, adding that his country still believed strongly in the bloc despite Britain's vote to leave.
Europe's East 16-06-2016

Chief prosecutor: A wad of dollars is placed on Ukraine’s Themis scale

In a wide-ranging interview, the newly-appointed Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko told EURACTIV of his adventurous life, the shocking corruption cases he has already uncovered, and the daunting tasks ahead.
Europe's East 04-03-2016

US ambassador: ‘Ukraine fatigue’ in Europe is major risk for Kyiv

EXCLUSIVE / Geoffrey R. Pyatt, the US ambassador to Ukraine, told EURACTIV that Kyiv had made a courageous choice for democracy and freedom, but now faces the perils of “Ukraine fatigue” among its European allies. EURACTIV reports from Kyiv.
Agrifood 10-12-2015

Time to reconsider EU sanctions against Moscow, say German farmers

The EU should reconsider its sanctions against Moscow due to the Ukraine crisis, as the farming sector is struggling, the German Farmers' Association (DBV) told EURACTIV.
Europe's East 13-11-2015

Hague court says Maidan repression wasn’t crime against humanity

Ukraine's security forces used "excessive and indiscriminate" force in the 2014 Maidan protests, but are not guilty of crimes against humanity, the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor said on Thursday (12 November).
Development Policy 10-09-2015

Van Rompuy: ‘EU leaders only take bold decisions when they have a knife against their throats’

EXCLUSIVE / In a candid interview with EURACTIV, the former President of the European Council said the EU takes the boldest decisions only in crisis situations, "when we have our backs against the wall and are staring at the abyss with a knife against our throats".
Armenia 20-05-2015

Two tier Eastern Partnership on the table at Riga summit

The EU plans to strengthen relations with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, setting them apart from the other Eastern Partnership countries, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus. EURACTIV France reports
Economy & Jobs 15-04-2015

EU pushing Ukraine towards trilateral free trade, with Russia

Fearing that Russia could retaliate against Ukraine following the entry into force of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) later this year, the European Commission is now pushing Ukraine to agree to a trilateral trade format, including Russia.
Europe's East 13-01-2015

Interpol puts Yanukovich on wanted list

Interpol has put ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich on the international wanted list on Ukrainian charges of embezzlement and financial wrong-doing, according to a notice on the international police organisation's website on Monday.
Michael Emerson
Global Europe 26-11-2014

How Tolstoy might have portrayed the legacies of Yanukovich and Putin

The Kremlin has privileged politico-military-territorial objectives in Ukraine, while ignoring the economic consequences, and this begins to look like a strategic miscalculation, or Tolstoy’s “ill-directed will of one individual, and usurpation of power”, writes Michael Emerson.
Europe's East 11-09-2014

Poland’s stake in the Ukraine crisis: hawkish or insightful?

SPECIAL REPORT: Observers generally agree that Warsaw plays a major role in the EU’s handling of the Ukraine crisis. Some call it hawkish, while others say that Poland is simply more insightful, and that the rest of the Union should attach more value to its understanding of Russia, and Eastern Europe.
Dmitry Gorenburg [The Finnish Institute of International Affairs]
Global Europe 27-06-2014

Russia analyst: Putin is trying to ‘rectify a historic wrong’

Western containment policy towards Russia in Europe’s east has a different meaning than it did during the Cold War because the ideological component is missing, says Dmitry Gorenburg, outlining the causes for the crisis, Putin’s motivations for annexation and assessing EU-US cooperation.
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Europe's East 04-03-2014

EU calls emergency summit on Ukraine

In what could be seen as a bid to ease tensions between Russia and the west, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia sees no need to use military force in the Crimea region of Ukraine... for now. Putin stressed that the use force would be 'a choice of last resort'. But the Russian president warned western powers that imposing sanctions against Russia would be 'counter-productive', after the US and the EU threatened Moscow on Monday with sanctions if Russian troops do not withdraw from the region.
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Europe's East 04-03-2014

EU threatens Russia with sanctions over Crimea invasion

EU Foreign Affairs ministers urged Russia on Monday to withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian region of Crimea or face possible 'targeted measures'.
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Europe's East 03-03-2014

EU leaders condemn Russia’s invasion of Crimea, suspend G8 Sochi summit preparations

EU leaders and the international community have strongly condemned Russia's invasion of the Ukrainian region of Crimea, after thousands of Russian troops seized control of the area over the weekend. Ukraine already mobilised for war on Sunday. EU foreign affairs ministers are meeting on Monday in Brussels to seek for a common response to the crisis, which has already been dubbed the biggest confrontation between Russia and the West since the fall of the Soviet Union in the late '90.
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Europe's East 24-02-2014

EU Ashton in Kiev as new government accuses ousted Yanukovich of mass murder

The Ukrainian authorities announced on Monday that ousted president Viktor Yanukovich is wanted on an arrest warrant for mass murder, after Ukrainian police snipers shot anti-government protesters earlier last week. The Commission has so far declined to comment on the arrest warrant, as EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton is in Kiev for discussions with party leaders about financial aid to Ukraine. The warrant was issued after Russian-backed Yanukovich fled Kiev by helicopter on Friday, in a failed attempt to reach Russia.
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Europe's East 13-02-2014

EU calls for ‘free and fair’ elections in Ukraine

EU Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle called on Ukrainian leaders and opposition on Thursday to form an 'inclusive' government and urged Kiev to ensure 'free and fair elections' in the crisis-hit country. In a 3 day visit to Kiev, in which he held talks with government and opposition, Füle insisted on the need for both sides to agree on constitutional reform, potentially limiting government powers.
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Global Europe 29-01-2014

Putin reaffirms loan, energy offer to Ukraine at EU-Russia summit

In his first meeting with EU leaders since violent anti-government protests began in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin travelled to Brussels on Tuesday to deliver one clear message: Russia's offer to Ukraine of a $15 billion loan and gas price reductions still remains on the table, even if the new government is run by the opposition. But Putin also warned that Russia would closely monitor Ukraine's economic policies to make sure it gets its money back.
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Europe's East 28-01-2014

EU calls for ‘adoption of amnesty law’ in Ukraine

After the Ukrainian Parliament abolished the 'anti-protest' laws on Tuesday, the European Commission urged the Ukrainian authorities to also grant amnesty to convicted protesters. 'Ukraine should adopt an amnesty law', European Commission spokesperson Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen said on Tuesday in Brussels.