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Europe's East 16-06-2016

Chief prosecutor: A wad of dollars is placed on Ukraine’s Themis scale

In a wide-ranging interview, the newly-appointed Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko told EURACTIV of his adventurous life, the shocking corruption cases he has already uncovered, and the daunting tasks ahead.
Development Policy 10-09-2015

Van Rompuy: ‘EU leaders only take bold decisions when they have a knife against their throats’

EXCLUSIVE / In a candid interview with EURACTIV, the former President of the European Council said the EU takes the boldest decisions only in crisis situations, "when we have our backs against the wall and are staring at the abyss with a knife against our throats".
Dmitry Gorenburg [The Finnish Institute of International Affairs]
Global Europe 27-06-2014

Russia analyst: Putin is trying to ‘rectify a historic wrong’

Western containment policy towards Russia in Europe’s east has a different meaning than it did during the Cold War because the ideological component is missing, says Dmitry Gorenburg, outlining the causes for the crisis, Putin’s motivations for annexation and assessing EU-US cooperation.