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  • EU calls for ‘adoption of amnesty law’ in Ukraine

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 28-01-2014

    After the Ukrainian Parliament abolished the 'anti-protest' laws on Tuesday, the European Commission urged the Ukrainian authorities to also grant amnesty to convicted protesters. 'Ukraine should adopt an amnesty law', European Commission spokesperson Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen said on Tuesday in Brussels.

  • An ‘inclusive political process decisive’ for Ukraine’s stability, EU says

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 27-01-2014

    Asked by EURACTIV if the Commission was advising the Ukrainian opposition to opt for power sharing, spokesperson Pia Ahrenkilde-Hansen avoided a direct answer and insisted that Füle held meetings both with the opposition and the authorities. An “inclusive political process” is “decisive” for stability in Ukraine, she said. 'The first step is regaining the trust of the people by stopping the spiral of violence and intimidation.' Ahrenkilde-Hansen added.

  • Video shows Ukrainian police hitting and humiliating protester in freezing temperatures

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 24-01-2014

    An unidentified video released on Youtube shows Ukrainian police hitting and humiliating a protester who is completely naked in sub-zero temperatures.
    The man is forced to stand naked in the snow while police officers take pictures of him before he is pushed into a police. According to the Ukrainian daily Kiev Post, the incident happened last Tuesday.
    The Ukrainian police has issued an official apology and the Ukrainian Interior Ministry called the police officers' behaviour 'unacceptable'.

  • EU leaders visit Ukraine to mediate as violence spreads beyond Kyiv

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 24-01-2014

    As anti-government violent demonstrations spread across Ukraine, EU Enlargement commissioner Stefan Fule travelled to Kyiv on Friday in an attempt to calm tensions and help dialogue.
    Fule's trip comes after Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich held unsuccessful talks with opposition leaders on Thursday aimed at putting an end to over 2 months of unrest.

  • Barroso to Yanukovich: There will be consequences if violence does not stop in Ukraine

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 23-01-2014

    As the situation in Ukraine evolves toward civil war, Commission President José Manuel Barroso proposed on Thursday to send the EU’s top diplomats to Kyiv to help dialogue and calm down the situation. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich reportedly accepted the mediation and assured Barroso that he didn’t foresee to install a state of emergency in Ukraine.

  • Füle calls new Ukrainian laws ‘shocking’, ‘disrespectful to democracy’

    News | Europe's East 17-01-2014

    Enlargement and Neighbourhood Commissioner Štefan Füle said he was “shocked” and “deeply disappointed” by new legislation which the Ukrainian parliament hastily pushed though yesterday (16 January). 

  • EU suspends talks with Ukraine over Association Agreement

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 16-12-2013

    'Work on hold'. With these words, EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Füle announced on Sunday via twitter that Brussels is suspending further talks with Ukraine on a landmark trade and political pact.
    The Commission added that Kiev needs to show a "clear commitment to sign" the deal in order to continue the discussions.

  • Füle asks Ukraine to clarify intentions, warns of looming financial crisis

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 13-12-2013

    Thousands of anti-government protesters gathered in central Kiev, rebuilding barricades torn down by police yesterday (12 December) as the European Union held out a promise of increased aid for Ukraine if it signed an Association Agreement (AA).
    Ukraine's first deputy prime minister Serhiy Arbuzov flew to Brussels with a high-level delegation seeking billions of euros of aid from the EU in return for signing the agreement, which Kiev suddenly backed away from last month.

  • Ashton: Ukraine’s President Yanukovich will sign EU deal

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 12-12-2013

    As protestors in Kyiv continue to defy police, EU's foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton said on Wednesday that Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich will sign the Association agreemtn with the EU.
    She also added that the people of Ukraine deserve better than their current situation, while an US envoy spoke for the first time of possible sanctions against Yanukovich's regime.

  • EU says Ukraine is ‘not a call for tender’ after PM requests €20billion in financial aid

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 11-12-2013

    Ukraine's Prime minister Mykola Azarov reportedly said on Wednesday that Kyiv is seeking €20 billion in financial aid from Brussels in order to sign the EU's association agreement.
    Reacting to the media reports, the Commission said that the future of Ukraine is 'not a call for tender'.

  • Riot police storm Kyiv protestors’ camp during Ashton visit

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 11-12-2013

    Ukrainian anti-riot forces took the central square of Kyiv by storm last night, clashing with protestors just hours after EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton had met Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to repeat that the door remained open for him to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union.

  • Ashton to visit Kyiv amid Ukraine’s anti-government protests

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 09-12-2013

    60.000 people, according to the Ukrainian police. Thousands more according to unofficial sources.
    This bird's eye view of Kyiv's Independence square shows the anti-government rally held in the Ukrainian capital on Sunday, the biggest street protest since the Orange Revolution over 10 years ago.