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Michael Emerson
Global Europe 26-11-2014

How Tolstoy might have portrayed the legacies of Yanukovich and Putin

The Kremlin has privileged politico-military-territorial objectives in Ukraine, while ignoring the economic consequences, and this begins to look like a strategic miscalculation, or Tolstoy’s “ill-directed will of one individual, and usurpation of power”, writes Michael Emerson.
Europe's East 12-02-2014

Wasn’t the Eastern Partnership economic dimension underestimated?

The political crisis in Ukraine which entered into an active phase after the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius is forcing the European Union to reconsider its Eastern policy, writes Yuriy Kochevenko.
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Europe's East 02-12-2013

Tymoshenko’s daughter: We all thought Yanukovich would sign

On the fourth day of a hunger strike by Yulia Tymoshenko, the jailed former prime minister and main political opponent of President Viktor Yanukovich, her daughter Yevhenia Tymoshenko gave an exclusive interview to EURACTIV in Vilnius.
Europe's East 29-11-2013

EU seeks ‘time for reflection’ after Vilnius summit failure

EU diplomats admitted that "time for reflection" was needed after Ukraine declined the opportunity to join the bloc at a two-day 'Eastern Partnership' summit in Vilnius that ended today (29 November), highlighting the EU’s weakness against an ever-more assertive Russia.
Europe's East 29-11-2013

Ukraine, EU dig in heels as Vilnius summit opens

The European Union made a last attempt to salvage an historic Association Agreement with Ukraine as the Eastern Partnership summit opened in Vilnius yesterday (28 November). But Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich remained firm that a deal could not be signed in the foreseeable future, while the EU side rejected tripartite talks with Russia as a no-go. EURACTIV reports from Vilnius.
Europe's East 29-11-2013

Tymoshenko’s daughter: We all thought Yanukovich would sign

On the fourth day of a hunger strike by Yulia Tymoshenko, the jailed former prime minister and main political opponent of President Viktor Yanukovich, her daughter Yevhenia Tymoshenko gave an exclusive interview to EURACTIV in Vilnius.
Europe's East 27-11-2013

EU ‘refines its thinking’ on its Ukraine-Russia relations

One day before the Vilnius summit Eastern partnership summit, the European Commission today (27 November) hinted that it was “refining its thinking” about holding trilateral trade talks with Ukraine and Russia.
Security 27-11-2013

Vilnius summit: Ukraine and the Russian factor

The way out for Ukraine, who risks default, is only in the search of a compromise and coordinated position both with Europe, and with the Russian Federation writes Yuriy Kochevenko.
Europe's East 26-11-2013

Protestors in Kyiv urge Yanukovich to sign EU pact

Protests in Kyiv continued yesterday (25 November) putting pressure on the country’s President Viktor Yanukovich to sign a landmark EU-Ukraine association agreement at the Vilnius summit on Friday.
Europe's East 25-11-2013

Huge demonstration in Kyiv in support of EU pact

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians bearing EU flags and chanting "Down with the gang!" marched through Kyiv yesterday (24 November) in a pro-Europe rally denouncing President Viktor Yanukovich's U-turn in the country's European policy.
Europe's East 22-11-2013

Opposition leader: Yanukovych traded Ukraine’s EU future for $20 billion

Ukrainian opposition leader Arseny Yatsenyuk said that the country’s president, Viktor Yanukovich, had traded the country’s EU future against guarantees from Russia concerning his re-election in 2015, lower gas prices and $20 billion.
Global Europe 21-11-2013

Ukraine stuns EU by putting association deal on ice

Kyiv has decided to put its move for closer integration with the EU on hold in favour of talks to revive economic relations with Russia, one week before the country was expected to sign a landmark association agreement with the 28-country bloc in Vilnius.
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Europe's East 21-11-2013

Lithuanian Presidency thunderstuck by Ukraine’s decision to put its EU association on ice

>>Read article: Ukraine stuns EU by putting association deal on ice The Ukrainian government has published a decision to stop its preparations to sign an Association Agreement with the EU. The statement says that decision is adopted with the view to elaborate measures vis-a-vis “Russia and other countries from the Community of Independent states”.
Europe's East 21-11-2013

Ukraine before the Vilnius summit: time to summarize

No matter the result, the Vilnius summit of the Eastern partnership will be historical for Eastern Europe, Ukraine, the EU and even for Russia. The eve of the summit is a good occasion to summarise the last year of preparations made by Kyiv, writes Valeriy Kucheruk.
Europe's East 19-11-2013

Analysts slam Germany’s Ukraine policy shortcomings

SPECIAL REPORT / Little appears to have changed in Germany's cautious approach to Ukraine's rapprochement to the EU, except that German politicians feel more free to criticise the short-sightedness of Berlin's external relations, both towards Moscow and Kyiv, since Angela Merkel regained power. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Europe's East 18-11-2013

Pundits: Yanukovich holds the key of Ukraine’s geopolitical choice

SPECIAL REPORT / Ten days ahead of the Vilnius summit of the Eastern partnership, analysts diverge on the chances that a landmark EU-Ukraine Association Agreement would be signed on this occasion, but agree that one person holds the key to the country’s geopolitical choice: its President Viktor Yanukovich. 
Europe's East 18-11-2013

Europe’s eastern future at stake at the EU Vilnius summit

The aggressive attitude of Russia towards neighbour countries seeking closer EU integration indicates a new reality which the EU’s Eastern partnership must be ready to face, writes Alex Petriashvili.
Europe's East 13-11-2013

Ukrainian parliament pours cold water over the country’s EU prospects

As the Ukrainian Parliament failed today (13 November) to pass a bill on the release of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for treatment abroad, the chances that a landmark Association Agreement with Ukraine will be signed at the 28-29 November summit appear slimmer than ever.
Energy 12-11-2013

Ukraine raises the stakes in gas gamble with Russia

Ukraine stopped importing Russian gas last Friday over a pricing dispute, but the flow to Europe was unaffected, officials said yesterday (11 November).
Europe's East 30-10-2013

Minister: Moldova is the frontrunner for visa liberalisation

Moldova expects to become the frontrunner of the EU's Eastern partner states vying for visa liberalisation with the 28-country bloc, if it signs its mooted association agreement at a 28-29 November summit in Vilnius, Moldova’s Foreign and European Integration Minister Natalia Gherman told EURACTIV Slovakia in an exclusive interview.
Europe's East 22-10-2013

EU and Ukraine after Vilnius: What next?

If the EU and Ukraine sign an association agreement, the process of the Eastern European country's integration into a European economic space will be long and painstaking, writes Anton Pidlutskiy.
Europe's East 18-10-2013

Minister: Georgia is firmly on pro-western track

If there is consensus on one thing in Georgia, it is the country’s pro-western course of European and trans-Atlantic integration, the Georgian foreign minister Maia Panjikidze told EURACTIV Germany in an exclusive interview.
Europe's East 18-10-2013

Ukraine president ready to release Tymoshenko for treatment

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said yesterday (17 October) that he would sign a bill allowing the jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to travel abroad for medical treatment.
Europe's East 16-10-2013

Suspense grows in EU-Ukraine gamble

The mandate of the European Parliament's monitoring mission looking into the case of Ukraine's jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has been extended until mid-November, in the hope that her release would make possible the signature of a landmark EU-Ukraine association agreement.