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Coronavirus 25-02-2020

Coronavirus – How should the EU respond?

With the most recent outbreak of coronavirus, now known by its official name COVID-19, announced over the weekend in Italy, the EU is taking precautions to stem the spread of the virus. And as of 24 February, 178 cases of...
Agrifood 23-01-2020

Avian flu hits Germany

The avian flu that broke out in Eastern Europe at the start of the year was also detected in Germany for the first time this week. Politicians and Germany's poultry trade association are calling for strict precautionary measures. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 30-04-2009

‘Swine flu will kill Europeans’, says EU official

Europe is braced for thousands of deaths from swine flu as member states launch pandemic action plans in an effort to combat the virus.
Asian tiger mosquito [Susan Ellis/Bugwood.org]
Health 18-09-2007

Experts warn EU countries of potential Chikungunya spread

EU public health experts have advised European countries to take preventative measures to avoid the spread of the Chikungunya virus beyond its initial focus in Italy, as the presence of the mosquito species that spreads the virus were reported in the French region of Var.
Cybersecurity 15-05-2000

G-8 to discuss cybercriminality

The G-8 is organising a conference on cybercriminality in Paris