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  • Croatia’s EU talks to resume after long dispute

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 15-06-2009

    Slovenia is expected to unblock Croatia's EU accession talks at a ministerial meeting today (15 June). The two countries have clashed for several months over disputed territories on the Adriatic coast.

  • Romania offers citizenship to Moldovans

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 15-04-2009

    The latest development since Moldova's elections earlier this month saw Romanian President Traian Basescu yesterday (14 April) order the simplification of procedures for granting citizenship to ethnic Romanians living in Moldova, saying a million requests were waiting in his country's embassy in Chisinau.

  • EU threatens to slap visa sanctions on US

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 24-07-2008

    Highlighting the lack of progress towards obtaining visa-free travel to the US for all EU citizens, the Commission yesterday (23 July) warned that it may force American diplomats to apply for visas to travel to the European Union.

  • Obama nomination raises hopes in Europe

    News | Elections 06-06-2008

    Senator Barack Obama's victory in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in the US gave many European politicians the opportunity to express their wishes for the post-Bush era, although the candidate's views on trade policy appear to be of some concern to the Commission.

  • EU made enormous investment in Serbia

    Interview | Global Europe 08-05-2008

    Signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with Serbia ahead of the early parliamentary elections on 11 May was a bold act bythe EU, Goran Svilanovic told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Interview: EU did ‘right thing’ ahead of Serbian elections

    News | Global Europe 08-05-2008

    The EU acted boldly by signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with Serbia ahead of the early parliamentary elections on 11 May, Goran Svilanovic, the former minister of foreign affairs of Serbia and Montenegro, told EURACTIV in an interview. He also welcomed the EU's recent visa facilitation initiative.

  • Commission to negotiate visa deal with US

    News | Transport 21-04-2008

    The EU executive has received the green light from the bloc's 27 interior ministers to negotiate a transatlantic agreement enabling visa-free travel for European citizens to the United States.

  • Western Balkans project launched while region ‘on the brink’

    News | Enlargement 11-04-2008

    The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), an initiative launched in February to promote regional cooperation in the Western Balkans, is hanging in the balance as the region hovers between resolving the conflicts it has inherited or a prolonged period of stagnation, according to RCC Secretary General Hido Biscevic.

  • US gets own way in visa negotiations

    News | Security 14-03-2008

    Washington has not given in to pressure from the European Commission to negotiate an EU-wide visa waiver deal and will continue to strike bilateral agreements with individual member states, it emerged yesterday (13 March) after a meeting of EU and US justice officials.

  • EU divided ahead of US visa talks

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 13-03-2008

    EU and US justice officials will meet today (13 March) in an attempt to break a deadlock in talks on lifting visa restrictions for travellers from the EU. The meeting comes amid US moves to strike bilateral deals with several new member states, a manoeuvre which the Commission feels undermines EU negotiating powers. 

  • EU backs biometrics visa database

    News | Security 08-06-2007

    The European Parliament, on 7 June 2007, backed proposals to set up a European Visa Information System (VIS), set to be the world's largest biometric database. The text is the result of an agreement with Council so the legislative process has been completed at the first reading stage - however, detractors claim that the system heralds the ever-encroaching 'Big Brother' threat to citizen privacy, and the Conservatives have called for Britain to opt out.

  • Bush: ‘All EU citizens to be included in easy visa procedure’

    News | Security 29-11-2006

    US President George W. Bush has repeated his promises to extend the US-visa waiver programme to citizens of ten EU countries who still have to go through a lengthy application procedure when travelling to the US.