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Global Europe 21-04-2022

British PM Johnson signals visa flexibility with India to win trade deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated he was ready to offer more visas to India in return for this year clinching a free-trade deal that could boost annual bilateral trade by billions of pounds.
Global Europe 11-08-2020

Slovakia expels three Russian diplomats, link to Berlin murder reported

Slovakia said on Monday (10 August) it has expelled three staff at the Russian embassy in Bratislava whilst citing an abuse of Slovak visas, which local media said was linked with a murder of a Georgian man in Berlin last year.
Brexit 19-10-2018

Post-Brexit visas for Brits? ‘Fake news’ says Macron

Visas for visitors from Britain after Brexit? "Fake news!" insisted President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday (18 October), scoffing at the idea that France would ever impose such a demand on it neighbour.

Poland requests permanent US base, suggests naming it ‘Fort Trump’

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday (18 September) the United States is considering a request from Poland for a permanent US military presence in the fellow NATO country, acknowledging that he shares Poland's concerns about possible Russian aggression.
Azerbaijan 22-01-2016

As oil prices remain low, Azerbaijan makes openings to investors, tourists

Azerbaijan, a country which has been relying too much on its important oil and gas sector, is making moves to diversify and open its economy to investors, and to bring in more tourists.

Police operation exposes Kosovo jihadist links

Italian and Kosovo police have detained four Kosovo citizens allegedly linked to the Islamic State group (IS) for spreading Islamist propaganda and for making threats against Pope Francis and a former US ambassador.

Republican presidential hopeful wants to impose visa requirement on French visitors to US

US Senator Rand Paul, a candidate in the Republican presidential primaries, called for a halt yesterday (18 November) to the visa waiver program for travellers from countries including France in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Erdogan tells EU: Act in Syria, or get ready to accept more refugees

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an on Monday (5 October) urged the EU to train rebels, and to consider a no-fly zone and safe haven area in Syria, during talks to address Europe's growing migrant crisis.

Church leaders propose lifting of visa requirement for Syrians, Iraqis

Five organisations representing the Anglican, Orthodox and Protestant Churches and Christian service, have sent a letter to EU justice and home affairs ministers, asking, among other things, that the EU lifts its visa requirement for Syrian and Iraqi nationals living in war zones.

Polish Deputy PM fears influx of ‘hundreds of thousands’ of Ukrainians

Ukraine's economy is starting to disintegrate, creating a risk of hundreds of thousands of immigrants flowing into Poland, Polish Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechoci?ski said. Ukraine expects the EU to lift the visa requirement at the Minsk Eastern Partnership summit on 21-22 May.

Portugese interior minister resigns over ‘golden visas’ scandal

Portugal's interior minister resigned yesterday (16 November) over an investigation into alleged corruption linked to the issuing of so-called "golden visas" to wealthy foreigners, but denied wrongdoing and said the move was to save damage to the government.

EU embarks on long-haul effort to lift visa for Turks

Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström signed today (16 December) in Ankara a landmark agreement opening the way for lifting visa requirements within three years for Turks travelling to the EU.

Legal wrangling looms over EU plan to suspend visa-free travel

A mechanism allowing the suspension of visa-free travel for third countries was adopted by the European Parliament last week, but controversial legal issues remain over the increasing problem of 'fake' asylum-seekers, often Roma from the Western Balkan countries.
Energy 21-12-2012

Putin slams Barroso: ‘You know you are wrong, you’re guilty’

The EU-Russia summit ended today (21 December) with no major decisions, but Russian President Vladimir Putin staged a show for the press, telling Commission President José Manuel Barroso that he was “not right” in his interpretation of energy liberalisation rules.

Serbia offers to pay costs of ‘fake’ asylum-seekers

In an attempt to avoid the re-introduction of visas for Serbian nationals travelling to the Schengen area, Belgrade said it was ready to pay Western countries for the extra cost incurred by "fake asylum seekers" on their territory.
Europe's East 13-12-2011

Cashless EU to meet imperious Russia

While protestors in major Russian cities vent frustration over apparent fraud in the recent parliamentary elections, Russia's president is heading to Brussels to meet EU leaders mollified by the unfolding eurozone crisis.

Visas to be re-introduced for Western Balkan countries

The European Commission said it will propose tomorrow (24 May) to reintroduce visas for Western Balkan countries whose citizens abuse the system.
Enlargement 15-02-2011

EU and Turkey reach ‘stagnation point’ at wrong time

Against a background of unfolding revolutions in the Arab world, speakers at a conference in Istanbul last weekend said Turkey could provide a democratic model for Islamic countries to follow. But ironically, EU-Turkey relations have reached "stagnation point," they said.
Europe's East 26-01-2011

Ukraine, Turkey set up ‘strategic partnership’

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an was in Kiev yesterday (25 January) where he signed with Ukrainian host Viktor Yanukovich a "strategic partnership" between the EU's two biggest accession hopefuls. EURACTIV Turkey reports.

Ukraine takes slow train to visa liberalisation

The European Union set out requirements yesterday (22 November) for Ukraine to win visa-free travel to the bloc, but said any further progress would depend on democratic reforms and improvements in human rights.
Enlargement 26-10-2010

Serbia rushes to launch accession talks

The EU moved closer to starting accession talks with Serbia yesterday (25 October) after overcoming long-standing opposition from the Dutch government. Belgrade said a "new era" in its history had begun. BETA, EURACTIV's partner in Serbia, contributed to this article.

Europe hit by scores of Western Balkan asylum seekers

Officials are considering removing visa-free travel for Western Balkan citizens as growing numbers of asylum-seekers from these countries hit the borders of Sweden, Belgium and Germany.
Economy & Jobs 20-10-2010

Battered Sarkozy finds temporary refuge in world affairs

French President Nicolas Sakozy hosted a trilateral summit with Germany and Russia to prepare for his country's G20 presidency, finding temporary refuge in world affairs as more than a million people took to the streets of France over planned reform of the pension system.

France opposes further EU visa liberalisation talks

Following France's controversial expulsions of illegal Roma migrants, most of whom were EU nationals of Romanian and Bulgarian origin, Paris has signalled its opposition to lifting visa requirements for Bosnian and Albanian citizens. EURACTIV.fr contributed to this article.