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Energy 26-06-2019

The Visegrad 4 and Russian pipelines: An imaginary unity

The Nord Stream II pipeline gave birth to a seemingly united front among several Central and Eastern European states objecting to the project, including Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. That, however, is far from the truth, writes Martin Jirušek.
Central Europe 23-10-2017

Babiš searches for international allies in anti-immigration course

The electoral victory of Czech politician Andrej Babiš, who based his campaign on opposition to refugee migration, is causing concern. While critics condemn his stance, he searches for allies in Eastern Europe and beyond. EURACTIV's media partner "Der Tagesspiegel" reports.
Central Europe 23-11-2016

The first year of Law and Justice

It's been a tough year since Poland's populist Law and Justice Party (PiS) first took office. Both for Poles, and for the EU. EURACTIV Poland's Editor-in-Chief Karolina Zbytniewska takes a slightly satirical look back.
Elections 18-02-2013

Eastern Europe’s third decade of democracy

In the post-Communist Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, democracy has become the only game in town. But how well is it played, and who plays it best? Olga Gyarfasova provides an evaluation.
Central Europe 08-06-2010

Hungary is facing a value-oriented change

With the new conservative government, a value-oriented change is happening in Hungary, writes András István Türke, director of the Europa Varietas Institute, in a May study. With the country about to adopt a national law on dual citizenship, Türke warns that special attention should be paid to how to communicate this change to the international community.
Future EU 18-09-2003

Profile of the Visegrad Countries in the Future of Europe Debate

The paper analyses the position of the so-called Visegrad group of countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) in the upcoming Intergovernmental Conference.