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Central Europe 19-09-2018

Visegrad’s place in the next EU Budget

Vladislava Gubalova argues that Visegrad countries should not be considered as having caught up with older EU members, while taking aim at Sofia for attracting too much financing.
Europe's East 13-05-2011

A militarised Visegrad group?

Poland's announcement that it will head a new battlegroup of the Visegrad Group underscores the country's military leadership in the region and is likely to pose a new challenge for Russia, argues global intelligence company Stratfor.
Central Europe 08-06-2010

Hungary is facing a value-oriented change

With the new conservative government, a value-oriented change is happening in Hungary, writes András István Türke, director of the Europa Varietas Institute, in a May study. With the country about to adopt a national law on dual citizenship, Türke warns that special attention should be paid to how to communicate this change to the international community.