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Digital & Media 10-02-2014

German academic: US, Europe unlikely to agree on data protection in near future

Surveillance activities are part of the overall US security strategy and spying on Europeans is done to safeguard and protect its allies from possible threats, argues Annegret Bendiek, but views in Paris, Berlin or Brussels are not quite the same.

MEPs back 40% quota for women on company boards

Two European Parliament committees backed the Commission’s proposal to have 40% women on company boards, but failed to extend it to executive boards.
Elections 22-07-2013

Rehn and Reding clash on troika’s future

Olli Rehn, the EU's top economics official strongly defended the 'troika' of international lenders, saying the monitoring team was essential to restoring euro zone credibility. His comments came as a rebuff to another Commission Vice President, Viviane Reding, who said the troika format should be abandoned.
Digital & Media 19-06-2013

Data protection: One law should cover EU, governments and private sector

The biggest threat to European citizens’ privacy is posed not by companies, but by governments, according to Digital Europe’s director-general. The US Prism scandal has highlighted the potential for governments to snoop on individuals, which makes it even more important that neither the EU institutions nor other government bodies should be excluded from new data protection rules.