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Languages & Culture 16-01-2018

EU urged to help expand internet domain names in different languages

Researchers and officials working on internet governance have urged EU institutions to help expand the use of internationalised domain names, which contain letters from alphabets including Cyrillic or Greek, or accented letters like in the word “café”.
Data protection 23-11-2017

MEPs amp up pressure on Commission over digital trade

MEPs are exerting pressure on the European Commission to draw up rules on data flows in foreign trade agreements, an area where the EU executive has so far not pinned down any tangible policy.
Digital 15-06-2017

Mobile roaming fees disappear, but MEPs want more EU rules

European mobile phone contracts are required to charge domestic rates for calls, SMS and data use when users travel in the EU starting today (15 June), capping off a ten-year fight to get rid of roaming fees.
G20 30-05-2017

G20 think tanks: ‘Merkel is right’

At the German presidency of the G20’s Think 20 Summit, experts agreed that the gap between Europe and the United States is widening and that there remains a desire for international cooperation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Europe's East 17-03-2017

Crimea annexation anniversary triggers reactions in US, EU

The US yesterday (16 March) condemned once again Russia's Crimea annexation, vowing to maintain sanctions until Moscow returns the Black Sea peninsula to Ukraine. The EU prolonged personal sanctions and the European Parliament passed a resolution supporting the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
Trade & Society 11-10-2016

European Commission paralysed over data flows in TiSA trade deal

European Commission officials have struck a deal that could put a clause guaranteeing international data flows into a trade agreement with 22 countries outside the bloc, including the United States and Australia.

Francois Hollande buries hope of concluding TTIP this year

While the European Commission, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel all insist the transatlantic trade negotiations can be concluded by the end of the year, François Hollande has said he is ready to throw in the towel. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 13-04-2016

MEPs rap Poland over rule of law

MEPs passed today (13 April) a non-binding resolution, calling on the Polish authorities to restore the ability of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal to uphold its Constitution and guarantee respect for the rule of law.
Trade & Society 16-01-2015

European Parliament is gearing up for TiSA

Overshadowed by the highly mediatised Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations are moving along, and will appear on the radar this year, promises Luxembourgish MEP Viviane Reding, responsible for the dossier.
EU Elections 2014 01-07-2014

Four of the seven Commissioners elected take MEP seats

Seven of the present EU Commissioners stood for European elections and all were elected. Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced today (1 July) that four of them will take their MEP seats, and informed of the temporary re-allocation of their portfolios, pending decisions of their replacements.
Digital 06-06-2014

Ministers move to ensure ‘right to be forgotten’ applies to non-EU companies

Data protection laws will apply to all companies doing business in the European Union, national Justice Ministers agreed today (6 June), as they adapted legislation to take a recent EU ruling against Google into account.
Olli Rehn
EU Elections 2014 26-05-2014

Commissioners search for signals to decide their future

Seven Commissioners have won MEP seats, but four of them are undecided if they will take them or stay on as Commissioners, in order to maximise their chances for a better future outside the European Parliament, EURACTIV has learned.
Digital 07-04-2014

EU bets on consumer rights to boost e-commerce

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is stepping up its efforts to inform and protect consumers when they shop online, in a bid to boost e-commerce.

Inequality persists as EU prepares for Women’s Day

Ahead of International Women’s day, the EU can only do a mea culpa. Gender equality in the 28-country bloc is far from being the norm, as research and data show women remain far more Cinderella than Superwoman.
Brexit 18-02-2014

EU’s Reding warns Brexit would isolate London’s City

London's financial services centre would lose access to the wider European Union should Britain quit the bloc, the EU's justice chief said on Monday (17 February), warning that such a move would reduce its status to that of an offshore centre.

Reding defends right to vote for EU expats

The European Commission has issued guidance to member states that currently have rules preventing their citizens from voting in national or regional elections because they live in another EU country.
Digital 09-12-2013

Data protection reform in peril as Germany stymies deal

The prospects of agreeing a proposed Europe-wide data privacy rules by spring next year, a key objective of the European Commission, look in doubt after EU ministers last week failed to agree on the concept of a one-stop-shop for data protection.
Digital 30-10-2013

Reding warns data protection could derail US trade talks

Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding yesterday (29 October) issued a stark warning that data protection should be kept off the agenda of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). But EURACTIV understands that US pressure is mounting to keep the debate open on data issues.
Digital 24-10-2013

Data protection: France, UK lead rival camps at summit

SPECIAL REPORT / EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is looking to France to spearhead a move to pull the data protection regulation up the agenda at today’s EU leaders’ summit, fearing that the current conclusions leave the proposals exposed to delay.
Elections 05-09-2013

Van Rompuy tipped as Belgian-style mediator after EU election

Viviane Reding, the EU’s commissioner for justice and fundamental rights, has called for a Belgian-style mediator to be appointed following next year’s EU elections to try to form a Parliament coalition that will back the next president of the European Commission.
Mark Zuckerberg
Digital 28-08-2013

Facebook reveals global government data snooping requests

The combined requests by EU member states for information from Facebook amounted to roughly two-thirds the number of US requests, according to global data disclosed by the social network site yesterday (27 August).

UK requests destruction of sensitive Snowden files, EU silent

The European Commission has declined to comment on whether pressure exerted by UK authorities on the Guardian newspaper to destroy sensitive documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden constituted an attack on media freedom.
Digital 04-07-2013

Online businesses fret about new EU data privacy rules: Survey

More than two-thirds of online retailers say that proposed changes to EU data protection rules will damage business, according to a poll by Europe’s largest e-commerce association.

Reding: ‘I am still awaiting a written response’ over US, UK spying allegations

European Commission requests for clarification from the American and British governments relating to espionage allegations remain unanswered as more revelations continue to stoke European political indignation.

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