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Politics 05-09-2017

Communication: The weak part of European integration

The European Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe is a sad confirmation of the absence of a future vision and leadership, writes Stavros Papagianneas.
Global Europe 16-10-2015

EU doesn’t need a CIA – but better intelligence would help

Björn Fägersten asks: could better intelligence-sharing boost European foreign and security policy? 
Viviane Reding
Digital 15-06-2015

More data protection is better than less

Following today's agreement in the Council on Data Protection, in an exclusive op-ed, MEP Viviane Reding reminds us that the EU countries' position seems to substantially water down the Commission's proposal.
Trade & Society 13-03-2015

ISDS must be replaced by a public court

EU Institutions are currently discussing several options for the reform of Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). Yet, only a public court can yield the targeted public policy objectives: investment protection, judicial independence and right to regulate, writes Viviane Reding.
Trade & Society 13-02-2015

TiSA must include a gold-standard clause to protect public services

?Great care is needed to make sure that European public services are excluded from the scope of the Trade in Services agreement under negotiation between the EU and 22 other trade partners. A possible solution could be to include a gold-standard clause, writes Klaus Heeger.
Vicky Cann, Corporate Europe Observatory
Public Affairs 21-01-2015

Old Commissioners, new revolving doors

Only three months after the Barroso II Commission left office, some prominent members have already made moves in their professional careers which are putting to test the EU executive’s policy on revolving doors, writes Vicky Cann.

Female leadership is a must, not an option

To stay competitive on a global scale, the European Union needs to mobilize the untapped potential and talent of women in all spheres, write a number of women leaders, after launching the EU Women Caucus on 2 December, 2014.

Domestic violence begins at home, combating it begins in Europe

Not assisting or protecting victims of violence is a cost for society. New rules to be adopted in the Parliament this  week will allow women assaulted in one country to be equally protected when they travel elsewhere in the Union. This is a landmark decision that proves Europe stands by its citizens, write Viviane Reding and Antonio López-Istúriz.

The EU needs to take gender equality seriously

A 2011 Eurobarometer survey found that 88% of Europeans consider that women should be equally represented in company leadership positions. Let’s hope that the directly-elected members of the European Parliament and member states are listening, says Gabriele Suder.

What France and the EU should do for Roma integration

The President and the Director of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), Chibo Onyeji and Michael Privot, send an open letter to EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault regarding the situation of the Roma in France.

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