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  • Parliament backs Reding’s gender quotas

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 20-11-2013

    The European Parliament backed the European Commission's proposal on Wednesday (20 November) to increase the number of women in Europe's company boardrooms, which in 2013 stood at only 17.6% for non-executive boards.

  • EU Commissioner Reding: US meeting on data protection ‘constructive’

     Video | Promoted content | Data protection 19-11-2013

    European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, responsible for justice and fundamental rights, expressed her satisfaction for the “positive and constructive” meeting with US Attorney General Eric Holder on data protection, following revelations about US interception of EU communications.

  • US NSA chief denies collecting intelligence on EU citizens

     Video | Promoted content | Data protection 30-10-2013

    The US intelligence chief has fought back against claims that the US was allegedly tapping the phones of EU citizens and leaders, including Angela Merkel.
    In a snap hearing in the US Congress on Tuesday, General Keith Alexander said that the US had not collected information on European citizens, hinting that it was EU governments who handed over the data.
    “Data was provided to NSA by foreign partners”, Alexander said.

  • Reding warns data protection could derail US trade talks

    News | Digital 30-10-2013

    Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding yesterday (29 October) issued a stark warning that data protection should be kept off the agenda of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). But EURACTIV understands that US pressure is mounting to keep the debate open on data issues.

  • Data protection: France, UK lead rival camps at summit

    Special Report | News | Digital 24-10-2013

    SPECIAL REPORT / EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is looking to France to spearhead a move to pull the data protection regulation up the agenda at today’s EU leaders’ summit, fearing that the current conclusions leave the proposals exposed to delay.

  • MEPs back 40% quota in company boards

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 15-10-2013

    MEPs backed on Monday a proposal by the European Commission to address the gender imbalance in top management jobs in Europe.
    The new legislation would require most listed EU companies to make sure that 40% of all non-executive board members are women.

  • EC on freedom of movement within the EU

     Video | Promoted content | Social Europe & Jobs 26-09-2013

    The European Commission comments on the freedom of movement within the EU after French Interior Minister Manuel Valls called for Roma from Bulgaria and Romania to sent back where they came from. 

  • Van Rompuy tipped as Belgian-style mediator after EU election

    News | Elections 05-09-2013

    Viviane Reding, the EU’s commissioner for justice and fundamental rights, has called for a Belgian-style mediator to be appointed following next year’s EU elections to try to form a Parliament coalition that will back the next president of the European Commission.

  • Croatia surrenders on EU arrest warrant

     Video | Promoted content | Justice & Home Affairs 29-08-2013

    New EU member Croatia backtracked in its first row with the bloc's executive Commission on Wednesday, agreeing to fully apply the EU extradition law after Brussels raised the prospect of sanctions.
    The European Commission warned Croatia on 26 August it could face legal action, including a possible loss of EU funds, because a few days before its 1 July accession Zagreb changed its laws to prevent the extradition of suspects of crimes committed before 2002, when EU rules were changed.

  • Facebook reveals global government data snooping requests

    News | Digital 28-08-2013

    The combined requests by EU member states for information from Facebook amounted to roughly two-thirds the number of US requests, according to global data disclosed by the social network site yesterday (27 August).

  • UK requests destruction of sensitive Snowden files, EU silent

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 20-08-2013

    The European Commission has declined to comment on whether pressure exerted by UK authorities on the Guardian newspaper to destroy sensitive documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden constituted an attack on media freedom.

  • European Commission on EU data protection regulation

     Video | Promoted content | Data protection 15-07-2013

    Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to push for tougher EU data protection rules and force Internet firms to be more open as she tried to reassure voters before a September election about intrusive snooping by US intelligence in Germany.

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