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German army starts training refugees

Germany’s defence minister and employment agency, with the help of the country’s armed forces, are trialling a new strategy for getting young refugees onto the labour market. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Merkel cabinet agrees on €8.50 minimum wage

Almost all EU member states already have a legal minimum wage covering all sectors. After a decision in Merkel’s cabinet on Wednesday (2 April), the German government plans to join them, introducing an € 8.50 national wage floor. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Pay companies to hire youth, OECD suggests

The plight of youth unemployment in developed economies is so severe it has prompted the OECD to call for more government intervention, possibly including paying companies to hire young people.
Economy & Jobs 11-04-2008

Commission to increase mobility of learners

Twenty years after the EU introduced measures to facilitate the mobility of students in higher education via its credit transfer system, learners in manual or practical activities are set to get their own EU-wide system.

Study sheds light on Europeans’ future skills requirements

European workers will have to "re-skill" in coming years as technological and organisational changes push up the demand for increased qualifications, even in the most elementary jobs.
Future EU 19-12-2006

No German presidency initiative on education

Germany prepares to relaunch the EU's Lisbon Agenda without highlighting the key role that education must play to reach the Lisbon objectives.

Vocational training to improve worker mobility

The renewed goals of the EU action in the field of vocational education and training (VET) aim to remove the sector's obstacles to mobility to allow a European VET area to be in place by 2010.

European employers have best choice of staff worldwide

Skills shortage does not seem to be the most pressing problem of European labour markets, a new global survey suggests. But an abundance of trained workers can also point to a shortage in the job supply. 

Germany, Italy ‘wasting human capital’

Some countries are “courting disaster” by allowing their human capital to stagnate through chronic underinvestment in education and high workforce exclusion, states a new study.

Vocational training to receive 86m euro boost

The Commission has selected 295 projects from 31 countries to receive Leonardo da Vinci grants to support innovative pilot projects linking vocational education and training.
Economy & Jobs 11-07-2005

70,000 vocational training traineeships being funded by EU in 2005

The Leonardo da Vinci programme is contributing actively to the emergence of a genuine European labour market, says Education Commissioner Figel.
Economy & Jobs 01-06-2004

Education ministers progress on ‘Europass’, guidance and informal learning

Education ministers have adopted a raft of conclusions related to 'Europass', guidance on lifelong learning, quality insurance in vocational training and skills acquired through informal learning.
Future EU 01-03-2004

Interview news: “Measures to reform education are insufficient” says UNICE’s Philippe de Buck

In an interview with EURACTIV, UNICE's Secretary General, Philippe de Buck, addresses how better education and training systems can help Europe become the most dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world.

Education ministers call for more investment in education at EU and national level

The Education Council has adopted a strongly-worded report calling the Spring European Council to recognise the importance of reforms in education and training systems to reach the objectives set out in the Lisbon strategy.
Future EU 03-02-2004

Reform of education: the Commission sees the bottle half empty, the Council half full

While the Commission aims to highlight the shortcomings in the reforms towards making education and training systems more efficient, the Council wants to emphasise the progress made so far in the report they will jointly present to the Spring European Council.
Economy & Jobs 08-01-2004

‘Europass’ set to bring together CV, diplomas and training certificates

The Commission has recently adopted a proposal on the creation of a 'Europass' designed to increase transparency and the EU-wide recognition of skills and qualifications.

Commission: urgent reforms of education systems needed to meet Lisbon goals

On 11 November, the Commission adopted a Communication highlighting shortcomings in the reform of European training and education systems in the context of the Lisbon strategy.

Recommendation time for education policy makers

On 3 September, the Commission released a report gathering briefing papers on the results of EU funded research projects in the field of education.
Economy & Jobs 21-05-2003

Business calls for a more business-oriented European training and education system

Eurochambres called for a more business-oriented European training and education system during its annual conference for vocational training and education on 20 May.
Economy & Jobs 02-12-2002

Copenhagen Declaration to foster cooperation on vocational education and training

On 30 November, education ministers from 30 European countries endorsed the Copenhagen Declaration for strengthening European co-operation in the field of vocational education and training.
Economy & Jobs 13-11-2002

More European cooperation on vocational education and training

On 12 November, the Education Council adopted a draft resolution designed to strengthen European co-operation within the field of vocational education and training.