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Competition 16-07-2009

EU battles industry plans to restrict Skype on mobile phones

The European Commission is threatening to brandish the new roaming regulation or antitrust rules in order to block plans by major EU telecoms operators to restrict the use of Internet calling services like Skype via their mobile networks.
Digital & Media 30-01-2006

Voice Over IP: Developments in the Market

This OECD study looks at the shift in voice traffic from traditional public switched telephone networks (PSTN) to alternative Internet Protocol (IP) networks and its implications for telecommunmication markets.
Digital & Media 25-08-2005

OECD: Broadband internet to reshape entire communication sector

As Google's much-awaited Google Talk application hits the market, a new OECD study predicts stiff competition for traditional fixed-line telephony from internet-based solutions.
Digital & Media 20-07-2005

Commission frees up frequencies for WiFi

In a move that may boost the technology in Europe, the Commission has decided to assign two additional frequency bands to wireless local area networks, known as WiFi.