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Brexit 12-04-2012

Iceland’s volcanoes may power UK

The volcanoes of Iceland could soon be pumping low-carbon electricity into the UK under government-backed plans for thousands of miles of high-voltage cables across the ocean floor.
Transport 24-05-2011

Europe on alert for Icelandic volcano ash cloud

Britain said flights could be disrupted from parts of the country today (24 May) by an ash cloud billowing from an Icelandic volcano, but said it did not expect a repeat of last year's travel chaos.
Transport 14-07-2010

The European volcanic ash crisis: Between international and European law

During the European volcanic ash crisis, actions taken by national authorities led to unprecedented disruptions and severe economic effects for the airline industry. The time seems ripe to unite the EU's airspace, writes Alberto Alemanno, associate professor of EU law at HEC Paris and adjunct professor at Georgetown Law School, in a July commentary for the American Society of International Law (ASIL).
Transport 28-04-2010

EU favours night flights to counter air traffic chaos

The European Commission yesterday (27 April) proposed a number of measures to address the ash cloud crisis, including temporary derogations for night flights and deferral of charge payments for airlines. Brussels gave its green light to state aid for the air sector, whose crisis bill is estimated to cost between €1.5 and 2.5 billion.