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Energy 23-11-2015

Crimea without power from Ukraine after electricity pylons ‘blown up’

Crimea was left without electricity supplies from Ukraine on Sunday (22 November) after pylons carrying power lines to the Russia-annexed peninsula were blown up the previous night.
Ambassador Pyatt visits Zakarpattya. Ukraine-Slovakia Border, July 2015.
Energy 20-08-2015

Commission hopes for new trilateral gas talks on Ukraine

The European Commission deplored the collapse of the trilateral gas talks today (20 August), in which it was negotiating Ukrainian gas purchases from Russia, and expressed hopes that a new round could take place in September.
Energy 02-04-2015

Ukraine and Russia sign 3-month gas agreement

Ukraine has signed a new agreement to buy Russian gas over the next three months for $248 per thousand cubic metres, after paying $329 in the first quarter of this year, under the recently expired 'winter package', the Ukrainian energy ministry said today (2 April).
Energy 01-04-2015

Putin extends gas discount to Ukraine for three more months

Russia will extend gas price discounts for Ukraine into the second quarter, the Kremlin website quoted President Vladimir Putin as saying Tuesday (31 March). But any further decisions would be taken in three months and depend on the price of oil.
Energy 23-03-2015

Ukraine plans to stop buying Russian gas

Ukraine plans to stop buying Russian gas from 1 April, Ukrainian Energy Minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn said in a briefing today (23 March). The European Commission, which was mediating to ensure gas supplies to Ukraine over the summer, said it was “taking note” of the announcement.
Maroš Šef?ovi? will chair the trilaterals [European Parliament]
Energy 19-03-2015

Commission sheds light on trilateral gas talks with Ukraine, Russia

The European Commission aims at concluding an agreement to supply Ukraine with Russian gas until Fall 2016, when an international court will issue a ruling on Moscow's pricing regime, a Commission official said.