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Commission launches youth volunteer ‘solidarity’ corps

European? Aged 18-30? Unemployed? Want to work abroad for pocket money? The EU's new Solidarity Corps may be for you.
Development Policy 04-12-2014

We are the ‘agents of change’, says volunteer

Pauline Kibo, currently specialising in institutional capacity building in the areas of health and HIV/AIDS, shared her experiences, with entertaining and lively examples of things volunteers like her do.
Global Europe 21-06-2011

Brussels launches ‘EU peace corps’ pilot

The European Commission has launched a pilot programme, the 'European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps' (EVHAC), which will see just under 100 young people serve in various projects to help vulnerable and disaster-struck parts of the world. The experiences will help determine a formal EU proposal next year to create a permanent humanitarian volunteer programme.
Sports 03-12-2010

EU promotes volunteering as crisis-beater

Next year's European Year of Volunteering has the potential to help the EU to emerge from the economic crisis, organisers claimed yesterday (2 December) at the official launch of the initiative in Brussels. But MEPs warned that volunteers should not replace people in paid jobs.  
Sports 15-11-2010

Commission looks to sports to drive EU Year of Volunteering

Involvement in sports can drive citizens' involvement in the European Year of Volunteering in 2011, said policymakers at a conference on sport and European citizenship last week.