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How to fix our broken democracy

Young people are often described as politically apathetic or lazy, but if the current generation of politicians made more effort to include them in decision-making, they would find that young people really do care, argues Johanna Nyman.
Brexit 07-04-2016

Why the UK Labour Party holds the key to Britain’s EU referendum

If the latest polls are right, Britain looks increasingly likely to vote to leave the EU on 23 June. A number of polls put ‘Leave’ between two and five percentage points ahead of ‘Remain’, writes Adrian Pabst.
EU Priorities 2020 20-10-2015

Crowdsource youth politics to boost voter turnout

Young people are not truly represented in European politics. This is a sign that our democracy is broken, and that we should redouble our efforts to increase participation, argues Allan Päll.
EU Priorities 2020 16-03-2015

The case for common rules for EU democracy

The initiative of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs to reform the outdated European electoral law is a positive move. A reform of the European electoral system and the rules governing the European parties is necessary to strengthen the link between the European parties and the European public, writes Bernd Hüttemann.

EU Social Dialogue ‘mission creep’

Social dialogue is a cornerstone of the European social model and has been enshrined at EU level since the 1980s. It is, by definition, a difficult process, and its workings and structures differ considerably across the continent, writes Arnaldo Abruzzini.
EU Elections 2014 30-05-2014

Why the European election turnout in Slovakia was so low

The EU election campaign was politically and ideologically shallow, with most of the parties deploying only general massages, so people did not see any point in going out to vote, writes Radvan Geist.