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Redefining the elements for successful integration

Migration is here to stay. Acknowledging voting rights and political participation of migrants are necessary aspects of a democratic society, writes Yves Leterme.  
Elections 23-03-2017

Irish referendum could allow voting abroad, following 23 EU countries

The Irish government outlined details yesterday (22 March) for a referendum that could give citizens abroad the right to vote in presidential elections, and possibly bring Ireland in line with 23 other EU countries.
Brexit 16-03-2016

British WW2 veteran fights for vote in Brexit referendum

A British World War II veteran living in Italy launched a legal challenge on Wednesday against a rule barring long-term expatriates from voting in Britain's European Union referendum.
Elections 26-02-2014

Hungary’s good and bad voters

The right to vote in the Hungary’s elections is a matter of being a "good" not a "bad" voter. Is it a surprise that the BTI transformation index 2014 has classified the country as a “defective democracy”, Gabriela Balassa wonders.
EU Elections 2014 16-01-2014

One European, one vote – no matter where

European citizens are deprived of the right to vote when they move to another EU member state, an absurdity that stands in the way of true European citizenship - and needs to be dealt with urgently, argues Irene Lozano.
Elections 11-12-2013

Living in another EU member state shouldn’t cost you the right to vote

We are often told that in the European Union human rights, democracy and the rule of law are respected. Although this is generally true, anomalies do exist, one of which is the right to vote for EU citizens moving from their home country to another member state, writes Rebecca Taylor.
Elections 22-02-2012

Foreigners’ right to vote: Let’s start with the Europeans!

EU citizens who reside in another EU member state should be allowed to participate in general elections just like the nationals of that country, writes Philippe Cayla, president of Euronews.
Global Europe 05-09-2011

EU citizens denied right to vote in Swiss cantonal elections

Voters in Swiss canton Vaud yesterday (4 September) rejected plans to give foreign residents the right to vote in cantonal elections. Most of the foreign nationals resident in Vaud are Europeans.
Future EU 29-10-2010

EU countries still divided over voting rights issue

A Franco-German proposal to sanction eurozone budget sinners by stripping them of their EU voting rights faces massive opposition from other countries in the bloc, it emerged after a two-day summit in Brussels on Friday (29 October).

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