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New Council voting means Germany is Europe’s reluctant paymaster

1 November was the new European Commission’s first day. Thousands of newspaper pages have been filled across Europe with the shenanigans and politics surrounding the nomination process. This blog will not seek to add an additional one. Instead, it will address another key change in the EU’s makeup that I have not seen a single newspaper article about recently, but one which is arguably more important for European politics.
Future EU 21-06-2007

Voting rules matter: Poland’s cause

There is a clear, positive relationship between a member state's power per person in the Council of Ministers and its receipts per person from the EU budget, declares Richard Baldwin of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in an 18 June post on the VOX web log.
Future EU 27-04-2004

What is Really at Stake in the Debate over Votes?

The author of this EIPA analysis argues that, on balance, the best outcome in the Council voting debate would be a move to double majority voting in November 2009, as proposed in the draft Constitution.