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Health 16-10-2013

MEPs vote to empower vulnerable consumers

Members of the European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection (Imco) committee reached an agreement yesterday (15 October) on a wide-ranging EU policy programme aimed at strengthening consumer organisations and promoting price comparison websites.

Mortgage consumer rules: Safe as houses?

A spat in the European parliament over how much protection should be afforded to consumers buying mortgages reflects ongoing tensions between the right to invest in property and the need to curb the type of easy credit at the origin of the 2008 financial crisis.
Health 29-05-2012

Turunen MEP: ‘There are many situations that can make us vulnerable as consumers’

Danish MEP Emilie Turunen explains why the European Commission should strengthen protections for the elderly, disabled and other potentially vulnerable consumers.
Health 29-05-2012

Danish MEPs champion new rights for ‘vulnerable consumers’

In a resolution adopted last week, the European Parliament defined what 'vulnerable consumers' are - the elderly, the needy as well as those with mental and physical disabilities. But every consumer can be considered vulnerable, argue two Danish MEPs interviewed by EURACTIV.