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Global Europe 01-07-2022

EU’s Takuba anti-terror force quits junta-controlled Mali

The French-led Takuba task force of EU special forces has officially ceased operating in Mali, France announced Friday (1 July), ending a year-long anti-jihadist effort that soured after two military coups overthrew the civilian government.

Spain wants NATO to flag migration as ‘hybrid threat’ in policy roadmap

Spain, as host of an upcoming NATO summit, will push for the inclusion of "hybrid threats" such as irregular migration, food insecurity and terrorism in the alliance's new policy roadmap, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said in an interview.
EU-Africa 03-06-2022

Wagner chief loses bid against EU sanctions

The European Court of Justice this week slapped down an attempt by the boss of the Russian mercenary firm, the Wagner group, to be removed from an EU sanctions list.
EU-Africa 18-05-2022

EU leaves military training in Mali suspended, stops short of ending mission

The EU will leave its military training mission in Mali suspended, but will not terminate it for the time being, the bloc’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said on Tuesday (May 17). “We decided to reaffirm our decision of suspending operational...
Global Europe 10-05-2022

Russian troops ill-prepared for Ukraine war, says ex-Wagner mercenary

The Russian military's failure to seize the Ukrainian capital was inevitable because in the preceding years they had never directly faced a powerful enemy, according to a former mercenary with the Kremlin-linked Wagner Group who fought alongside the Russian army.
EU-Africa 13-04-2022

German FM urges end to Mali’s cooperation with Russia

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock warned Wednesday (14 April) that European forces would not cooperate with Mali's military while maintaining links to Russia during a visit to the conflict-torn Sahel state.
Global Europe 12-04-2022

EU ends part of Mali training mission, fearing Russian interference, Borrell says

The EU on Monday (11 April) decided to halt its military training missions in Mali but will keep a presence in the Sahel, the bloc's top diplomat said.
Global Europe 06-04-2022

Malian forces, suspected Russian fighters killed 300 civilians: HRW

Malian forces and suspected Russian fighters killed about 300 civilians in late March in the centre of the conflict-torn Sahel nation, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday (5 April).

Macron hosts European and African leaders in preparation of Sahel redeployment

The French president welcomed his European and African counterparts to revisit actions to combat terrorism in the Sahel, confirming that the redeployment of French troops in the region is on the horizon.
Global Europe 15-02-2022

Russian mercenaries with spy links increasing presence in Ukraine

Russian mercenaries with ties to Moscow's spies have increased their presence in Ukraine in recent weeks, stoking fears among some NATO members that Russia could try to engineer a pretext for an invasion, three senior Western security sources said.
Global Europe 08-02-2022

Central Africa PM fired amid tensions over Russia-France tug of war

The Central African Republic's prime minister has been sacked, the presidency confirmed Monday (7 February), against the backdrop of tensions between pro-Russian and pro-French factions within the government of the poor, unstable country.
EU-Africa 03-02-2022

EU ready for further action against Mali’s junta

The European Union warned on Thursday (3 February) that it will take further action should members of the military regime in Mali obstruct the transition back to democracy.
Global Europe 31-01-2022

Russian paramilitary ‘saviours’ star in films on Africa conflicts

Paramilitary fighters from the Russia-linked Wagner group star in a new film singing their praises for interventions against rebels in the Central African Republic and elsewhere on the continent.
Global Europe 25-01-2022

Mali asks Denmark to immediately withdraw troops deployed there

Mali's government said it had asked Denmark to immediately withdraw troops deployed to the West African nation as part of a French-led counter-terrorism task force because it was not consulted and the deployment failed to follow protocol.
Global Europe 19-01-2022

Will France quit Mali? Crunch time nears as junta defies Paris

As relations between France and Mali sour rapidly, Paris is wondering whether it is time to stop providing military backup to a country run by a junta that has defied the international community.
Global Europe 13-01-2022

France urges EU sanctions against Mali

France is to press the European Union to agree sanctions against Mali after its military-dominated leadership shelved a timetable for elections, the French foreign minister said on Wednesday (12 January).
Global Europe 20-12-2021

Germany considers relocating soldiers in Mali mission

Germany would not rule out transferring its military mission in Mali to another country if the danger is too great, Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said Sunday (19 December).

EU to review its African military missions following Wagner link

The EU will conduct Strategic Reviews in early 2022 into its military and defence cooperation missions in Africa, following reports that EU officials were providing training to local forces in the Central African Republic alongside the Russian mercenary group, Wagner. 
Global Europe 16-12-2021

EU suspends military training in Central Africa over Russian mercenaries

The European Union has suspended its training mission for soldiers in Central African Republic (CAR) because of fears it could get tied up in violations of international law by Russian mercenaries, the mission said on Wednesday (15 December).
Global Europe 13-12-2021

EU explores Russia options, adopts sanctions against Wagner group

EU foreign ministers on Monday (13 December) discussed options for a possible new round of economic sanctions against Russia, in coordination with the United States and Britain, ahead of two crucial summits in Brussels this week.
Global Europe 16-11-2021

EU eyes more sanctions on Russian mercenaries Wagner

EU foreign ministers agreed Monday (15 November) to draw up more sanctions on shadowy Russian mercenary group Wagner over its involvement in a string of hotspots, the bloc's foreign policy chief said.
Global Europe 21-09-2021

EU foreign policy chief warns Mali against Russian mercenary deal

European Union ties with Mali could be seriously affected if it allows Russian private military contractors to operate in the country, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell warned on Monday (20 September).