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Public Affairs 25-04-2008

Commission goes audiovisual to communicate Europe

The European Commission will today (25 April) launch a comprehensive audiovisual media strategy to "increase coverage of EU affairs" and help people engage in a proper debate on EU policies.
EU Priorities 2020 07-04-2008

‘Plan D’ a success, says Wallström

The European Commission's 'Plan D for Dialogue, Democracy and Debate' has succeeded in its goal of organising a "broad public debate on the future of the European Union," according to Commission Vice President Margot Wallström.
Public Affairs 18-01-2007

Commission seeks to end ‘blame game’ over communicating EU

Berlin conference tries to rekindle decision-makers with citizens as Europe still reels over PA fiascos such as the Constitution and Bolkestein directive.
EU Priorities 2020 05-09-2006

Wallström: “Strasbourg has become a negative symbol”

The communications commissioner argues that times have changed and that the Strasbourg seat of the European Parliament no longer works as a positive symbol of Franco-German unity.
EU Priorities 2020 20-01-2006

Constitution: Parliament sees need for more time to reflect

MEPs have backed the goal of adopting the shipwrecked EU Constitution by 2009. This should be preceded by a broad public debate.
EU Priorities 2020 29-07-2005

New breed to run Commission’s national representation offices

Commissioner Wallström is seeking to strengthen the communication profile of the Commission's national delegations with a string of nominations in seven new member states. Many have a background in media.
Future EU 04-05-2005

EU top brass to the rescue of French ‘yes’

All the leading figures of the European institutions have thrown their weight behind the French 'yes' campaign on a visit to Paris. 
Politics 22-10-2004

Improve national reporting and keep the message simple, EU professionals tell Wallström

Margot Wallström's new role of Communications Commissioner will be no easy task. A new report presents her with key recommendations on how to better communicate the EU to its citizens.