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Global Europe 16-05-2022

‘EU politicians advocating to save Putin’s face are wrong’

European politicians who are appealing for making a peace treaty with Russia or arguing about the need to "help Putin save his face" are sharing responsibility for all Russian war crimes in Ukraine and the blood of Ukrainian civilians and children, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 09-05-2022

‘I never write putin and russia with a capital letter’

The opportunity to reach a Western audience is a great chance to deliver the truth about Russian aggression against Ukraine, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 04-05-2022

‘Russia commits agricultural terrorism in Ukraine’

Despite the Russian aggression, Ukraine continues to produce grain and oilseeds and remains an exporter, although crops are exported by land, as as Russia has blocked all Ukrainian sea ports in Black and Azov seas, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 02-05-2022

‘Ukraine is getting ready for a long war’

A majority of Ukrainians think that the war with Russia will take a couple of months or longer - up to the end of the year – but it will culminate with a victory over Putin’s Russia, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 27-04-2022

‘Russian mines are a big crime against Ukraine and humanity’

Among the latest deadly novelties of Russia is a mine called "Medallion", equipped with a seismic sensor to detect the approach of a person and the release of explosive charge into the air, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 20-04-2022

‘Ukrainians will not accept peace at the cost of its territories and people’

According to a sociological survey 82% of Ukrainians believe in victory over Russia, and only 1% would accept peace at Russia’s conditions, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Global Europe 19-04-2022

The rapists of civilisation

The rape of civilisation, which the world vowed in 1945 to never allow again, is being repeated in Ukraine, writes Orhan Dragaš.
Global Europe 18-04-2022

‘It is time to organise an international tribunal on Russian war crimes’

There is information that the Russian aggressors are trying to hide the traces of their crimes in Mariupil and are burning many dead civilians with that purpose, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 11-04-2022

‘Russian invaders leave behind booby traps’

Russian soliders have placed mines and explosives where they lived or looted, and booby traps have been found even in places such as refrigerators and washing machines writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 06-04-2022

‘The whole world can observe the clash of civilization and anticivilization’

Russia who is not following any rules of international humanitarian law, rules of war or any principles and rules of international behaviour is threatening to wipe the people of Ukraine, and if they can, they will continue doing that in the rest of Europe writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 05-04-2022

‘The Russian army left behind many of its dead soldiers’

The retreating Russian army left behind many of the dead bodies of its soldiers, preferring to use the space in their trucks for looted electronic appliances, carpets and clothing from Ukrainian houses and apartments, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 04-04-2022

‘The ashes of Bucha are burning in our hearts’

After the massacre of Ukrainian population in Bucha, Irpin, Vorzel, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Mariupil, the EU should completely disconnect Russia from SWIFT, close all their ports to Russian ships, froze and seize all the Russian assets, and charge Putin as war criminal, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 02-04-2022

‘Ukraine is regrouping and pushing Russian aggressors back’

Now that the war is in its middle-term phase, Ukrainians are re-organising their lives and joining volunteer activities or the army, which has become the country’s biggest employer, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 01-04-2022

‘Only fascists can destroy World War II and Holocaust memorials’

The Russian invader army is destroying historical monuments not only linked to the history of Ukraine, but of World War II and the Holocaust, and still their leaders have the arrogance of accusing Ukraine of fascism, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 30-03-2022

‘The aggressor admits failures, but they are regrouping’

The Russian aggressors admitted that they have failed to capture the whole of Ukraine and especially Kyiv. Still, they are regrouping and continuing their war crimes in other areas, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Global Europe 26-03-2022

‘The International Red Cross is siding with Russia’

The International committee of the Red Cross and its head have taken the Russian side despite the war crimes these terrorists commit each day in Ukraine, writes Roman Rukomeda.  
Europe's East 25-03-2022

‘Russia burns our books hoping to destroy our nation’

Russian invaders’ goal being the destruction of the Ukrainian nation, they confiscate books and destroy school textbooks on the history of Ukraine, being most interested in books on the history of Maidans, the war in Donbas during 2014-2022, and the history of Ukrainian liberation struggles, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 22-03-2022

‘Ukraine will never live under Russian rule’

The brightest example that Ukrainians will not accept Russia rule is the city of Kherson that is under control of Russian troops. Each day its residents gather on a central square, directly speaking to Russian soldiers and telling them to get out, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 17-03-2022

‘From Ukraine, Russia is challenging the world order’

Atrocities committed every day in many places in Ukraine show that Russian troops are a horde of war criminals supervised by the top-level criminals who are challenging the existing world order and principles of European and democratic civilisation, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 15-03-2022

‘Ukrainians unite against the Russian aggression as one big family’

Living in Ukraine, being a part of this great national unity, feeling this joint heartbeat makes us so proud and happy, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Global Europe 15-03-2022

Putin’s accomplices will also have to answer for their crimes

On 28 February, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced the opening of an investigation into crimes committed in Ukraine. In addition, 39 countries have asked the Court to investigate the Ukrainian situation. Everyone understands that Vladimir Putin may be called to account before the Court. But all those who are complicit in his actions, by action or omission, all those who arm him or finance his actions, must know that they too can be brought to justice and end their lives in prison if their complicity is proven, write a group of senior EU lawmakers.
Europe's East 14-03-2022

‘Efforts to stage support in Ukraine for ‘the Russian world’ are failing miserably’

The Russian aggressors try to stage support for joining “the Russian world” in occupied areas, but apart from their propagandists pretending to be local citizens, nobody supports their manifestations, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 12-03-2022

‘Russia plans nuclear terrorism at Chernobyl’

Ukraine warned that if electric power supplying Chernobyl’s cooling systems is not restored, this could create a radioactive cloud that would blow over Ukraine, its neighbours and the whole of Europe. Unfortunately, the UN agency in charge of atomic energy pays no attention, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 11-03-2022

‘Kyiv is preparing for a possible attack’

The central authorities of Ukraine are concentrating on the evacuation of civilian population from the war zones as it is obvious that Russian war criminals are used to take hostages and have them as a shield against Ukrainian armed forces, writes Roman Rukomeda.