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Health 18-05-2022

Cholera outbreak: A new health concern in war-torn Ukraine

The areas in Ukraine suffering from water and sanitation infrastructure damage are at risk of a potential cholera outbreak, the World Health Organisation warned on Tuesday (17 May), adding it was already deploying cholera kits on the ground. 
Global Europe 09-05-2022

MEPs ask that frozen Russian billions be used to rebuild and arm Ukraine

Seventy-three MEPs have called for $300 billion in seized Russian funds and assets to fund the Ukrainian military and the country's reconstruction in a letter sent to EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell. 
Cybersecurity 06-05-2022

Germany still not affected by Russia-linked cyberattacks

Germany has not been affected by cyberattacks that can be traced back to Russia, the government has confirmed, despite other EU countries experiencing a sharp increase. However, this may be due to how Germany defines such attacks. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 27-04-2022

Ukrainians face rape, trafficking risk while those in Poland cannot access abortion

Ukrainian women fleeing the war are at risk of sexual violence, rape, and trafficking and those who are pregnant as a result cannot get an abortion in Poland due to one of Europe's strictest anti-abortion laws.
Health 14-04-2022

EU is urged to ensure high standards of HIV treatment for Ukrainian refugees

European countries have been asked to ensure "high standards" of HIV prevention, treatment and care for Ukrainians fleeing the war as the situation for HIV patients in Ukraine remains "desperate". 
Health 13-04-2022

Tuberculosis patients in Ukraine at risk, some refugee groups to be tested

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put tuberculosis (TB) patients inside the country at high risk due to the lack of access to treatment, while countries receiving refugees have been advised to screen and test certain groups. 
Europe's East 12-04-2022

Russian oil should be included in sixth EU sanction package says Zelenskyy

With the ink on the fifth package of sanctions against Russia barely dry, the EU must include oil in the sixth package, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said while addressing Lithuanian lawmakers on Tuesday (12 April).
Health 07-04-2022

WHO: We are seeing the worst case scenario in Ukraine

The WHO warned that people in Ukraine "are going to start dying from common causes", due to the lack of access to medical care and humanitarian aid, adding that they are now preparing healthcare workers for treating chemical attacks.
Health 31-03-2022

EU to step up human trafficking prevention for Ukrainian refugees

Since the start of the Russian invasion, over 4 million people have fled Ukraine. Despite countries welcoming refugees, people fleeing the war are at risk of falling prey to human traffickers.
Health 30-03-2022

Red Cross humanitarian aid cannot reach Ukrainian cities where hostilities continue

Reaching those in need remains the biggest challenge for the Ukrainian Red Cross, especially in frontline places like Mariupol, where dozens of attempts have failed to bring in humanitarian aid.
Health 30-03-2022

How European reference networks help Ukrainian patients

European reference networks (ERNs) have started sharing their knowledge to help more than two million Ukrainian patients suffering from rare diseases, with one expert describing the condition of those still in the country as "catastrophic". 
Health 24-03-2022

Choosing additional COVID shots for Ukrainians treated with Covishield or CoronaVac

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, countries receiving Ukrainian refugees are encouraged to ensure available vaccination. Of the six vaccines authorised in Ukraine, two are not authorised by the EU drugs agency, and the World Health Organisation says mix and match technology needs to be used in these cases. 
Health 15-03-2022

COVID travel restrictions are eased for Ukrainians

For millions of Ukrainians fleeing from the war, EU countries are lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions. However, the ECDC and WHO Europe continue to highlight the importance of ensuring vaccination coverage among refugees in host countries. 
Health 11-03-2022

EU healthcare systems adjusting to arrival of 2.5m Ukrainian refugees

The EU's healthcare systems, already stretched from the COVID-19 pandemic, are adjusting to deal with the huge influx of new arrivals from Ukraine - numbered over 2.5 million, as of Friday (11 March).
Future EU 11-03-2022

CoFoE: citizens ask adapting legislation to digitalisation, future pandemics, and wars

Preparing schools for pandemics and wars, fighting cybercrime and disinformation, and getting society accustomed to digitalisation are some of the approved suggestions from the Council of the Future of Europe (CoFoE) meeting at the end of February in Dublin.
Cybersecurity 11-03-2022

Ukrainian cyber-activism could backfire, expert warns

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought an unprecedented level of cyberactivism, though attacks seem to contribute little to strategic objectives and could even have negative effects. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Europe's East 09-03-2022

EU announces funding sources to support fleeing Ukrainians

The European Commission adopted on Tuesday (8 March) a proposal for Cohesion's Action for Refugees in Europe (CARE) that allows EU countries and regions to provide emergency support to people fleeing from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 
Health 03-03-2022

UNICEF launches €400 million appeal to help Ukrainian civilians, children

The UN's Children's Fund UNICEF estimates that it will need €400 million over the next three months to help civilians, especially children, in Ukraine, though its teams continue to face logistical problems delivering aid to the field. EURACTIV France reports.
Europe's East 03-03-2022

One million refugees left Ukraine, UN raises $1.5 billion

Following seven days of the war in Ukraine, one million refugees have fled to neighbouring countries and to help those fleeing and staying, $1.5 billion was pledged for humanitarian support on Tuesday (1 March).
Health 02-03-2022

Health brief: Directing EU’s aid to Ukraine

When Russia launched its large-scale military invasion of Ukraine, the international scene drastically changed. And pushed Ukraine into a new humanitarian crisis.
Technology 01-03-2022

YouTube blocks access to Russian state-controlled media amid EU states’ call for action

YouTube on Tuesday (1 March) blocked accounts connected to Russian state-controlled RT and Sputnik and removed thousands of videos following calls to curb the spread of pro-Kremlin propaganda on social media after Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.
Europe's East 24-02-2022

French candidates condemn Russia as Macron speaks of European ‘unity’

French politicians, including all candidates in the presidential race, unanimously condemned Russia's military strike against Ukraine on Thursday (24 February). President Emmanuel Macron said that Europe will respond "in unity" to Russia’s “act of war”. EURACTIV France reports.

French MPs: Diplomacy, military slow to address climate change as driver of armed conflict

Diplomats and armed forces have been slow to address the security consequences of climate change, a French parliament fact-finding mission concluded on Wednesday (27 January). EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 23-10-2018

Learning to trust the killer robots

It's been more than 75 years since the American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov published his seminal 'Three laws on Robotics', a concise ethical framework that came to govern the principles by which Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developed worldwide.