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Future EU 21-01-2022

European citizens divided on nuclear in EU democracy experiment

A citizens' panel dedicated to the environment, climate change, and health, held in Warsaw in January, found no agreement for a recommendation on nuclear energy, despite being one of the most debated issues.
Security 26-08-2016

Eastern EU leaders call for joint army at summit with Germany

Eastern EU countries on Friday (26 August) pushed for the bloc to create a joint army as they met with Germany for talks on sketching Europe's post-Brexit future.
Security 06-07-2016

A NATO summit surrounded by Warsaw’s Communist ghosts

Leaders meeting in Warsaw for a NATO summit this week will be surrounded by the ghosts of Communism as they endorse the defence alliance's biggest military buildup since the Cold War in response to a newly resurgent Russia.
Central Europe 09-05-2016

240,000 Poles join landmark pro-EU march

Around a quarter of a million Poles flooded central Warsaw on Saturday (7 May), marching to defend their country's place in the European Union and protest against moves by the right-wing government, which they claim undermine democracy.
Central Europe 28-01-2016

Clockwork Orange in Polish

Some 22 million Europeans watched the debate on 19 January, when Polish Premier Beata Szyd?o defended her government against EU allegations of breaching the rule of law.
David Cameron
Brexit 10-12-2015

Poland disagrees with UK on ‘Brexit’ welfare restrictions

Some of Britain's demands for EU reform are acceptable, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said on Thursday (10 December), but added there was no agreement on Prime Minister David Cameron's push to curb welfare payments to EU migrants.

Circular Economy: The future of Europe?

In the European Union, households alone generate 200 million tonnes of waste per year.  That is why “we cannot get away from waste”, says Envi-Pro's Hanna Marliere. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Energy 27-08-2014

Warsaw breaks ranks with Poland on 2030 climate goals

EXCLUSIVE / The Mayor of Warsaw has complained to the Polish government that 2030 clean energy goals which Poland believed too radical were in fact unambitious, undemocratically decided, and risk spiking EU decarbonisation moves, in a letter seen by EURACTIV.
Economy & Jobs 30-07-2014

Warsaw says Russian ban on Polish produce is revenge for EU sanctions

Russia announced a ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland on Wednesday (30 July) and said it could extend it to the entire EU, a move Warsaw called Kremlin retaliation for new Western sanctions over Ukraine imposed on Russia a day earlier.
Judy Dempsey [Carnegie Europe]
Europe's East 02-06-2014

Mr Obama goes to Warsaw, then Brussels

Before arriving in Brussels for the G7 meeting this Wednesday (4 June), US President Barack Obama will visit Warsaw on Tuesday. Poland and its neighbours are looking for concrete assurances that NATO will protect it from Russia, writes Judy Dempsey.
Climate change 25-11-2013

‘Journey has started’ towards 2015 UN climate deal

Almost 200 countries clinched a deal on climate change over the weekend in Warsaw, marking the start of a long journey towards a binding international agreement at the 2015 UN climate talks in Paris.
Climate change 15-11-2013

Yvo de Boer: Europe looking for the climate future in the past

SPECIAL REPORT / European politicians are stuck in the past in their search of climate change solutions, the UN's former climate chief told EURACTIV in an interview, adding they need a more "adult understanding" of the tight links between climate, the economy and energy, including energy security.
Europe's East 01-08-2012

Romney in Warsaw: In remembrance of times gone by

The last leg of a world tour by US Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney took him to Warsaw yesterday (31 July). Romney’s trip highlighted the stereotypic view with which Poland and the US tend to view each other, and illustrated how these mutual images – redolent of the heady days when Poland passed from communist control – bring nostalgic comfort to both countries in a period of anxiety, writes Roderick Parkes.

Italy, Spain could drop opposition to EU patent

Agreement by EU ministers today (5 December) on outstanding issues surrounding a unified EU patent would pave the way for the Polish presidency to claim success in the venture at a signing ceremony in Warsaw on 20 December, amid mounting optimism that the new regimes in Spain and Italy could drop their opposition to the idea.