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Central Europe 28-01-2016

Clockwork Orange in Polish

Some 22 million Europeans watched the debate on 19 January, when Polish Premier Beata Szyd?o defended her government against EU allegations of breaching the rule of law.
Judy Dempsey [Carnegie Europe]
Europe's East 02-06-2014

Mr Obama goes to Warsaw, then Brussels

Before arriving in Brussels for the G7 meeting this Wednesday (4 June), US President Barack Obama will visit Warsaw on Tuesday. Poland and its neighbours are looking for concrete assurances that NATO will protect it from Russia, writes Judy Dempsey.
Europe's East 01-08-2012

Romney in Warsaw: In remembrance of times gone by

The last leg of a world tour by US Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney took him to Warsaw yesterday (31 July). Romney’s trip highlighted the stereotypic view with which Poland and the US tend to view each other, and illustrated how these mutual images – redolent of the heady days when Poland passed from communist control – bring nostalgic comfort to both countries in a period of anxiety, writes Roderick Parkes.