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Circular economy 01-12-2020

Recycler: Simpler EU laws would help recycle e-waste plastics

Around half of e-waste plastics are not recycled in Europe but rather shipped abroad where they often end up being dumped or burnt. Simpler laws on recycling in Europe would help keep those materials at home and recycle them, argues Chris Slijkhuis.
Circular economy 28-01-2019

EU official: ‘Actual recycling could be lower’ with new methodology

When it comes to meeting the EU’s new recycling targets, metals will have a big head start. But EU member states could find it harder to reach future objectives under a new methodology being considered at the European Commission, says Maja Desgrées du Loû.

Food safety activist: ‘There will always be a risk’ with recycled plastics

The risk of toxic substances contaminating food already exists with virgin plastic, so it will only be higher with recycled packaging coming from old plastics that may contain banned chemicals, says Floriana Cimmarusti.
Air Quality 14-05-2018

EU environment official: Clean air infringement proceedings are ‘a political decision’

The European Commission’s analysis of clean air measures adopted at national level are at a “very advanced stage”, said Daniel Calleja Y Crespo, who recently came to Slovakia for the Clean Air Dialogue.
Circular economy 01-03-2018

EU official: ‘Growing consensus’ for fresh plastic recycling laws

The European Commission is looking at targets for recycled plastics into new products as a way to boost demand for secondary raw materials, according to a senior EU official involved in drafting upcoming laws on recycling.
Energy 25-09-2017

Gas lobby chief: ‘In 2050, 76% of gas could be renewable’

The excess wind and solar electricity generated at times of oversupply could be used more systematically to produce synthetic gas, providing a convenient way of storing renewable energy that would otherwise be lost. The potential is huge, and can be used to heat homes during winter, argues Beate Raabe.

Fabien de Castilla: Business waste recycling has enormous potential

Only around ten companies currently collect waste from SMEs in France. New laws oblige businesses to separate their waste paper, but big change will not come without bigger incentives, Fabien de Castilla told EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune.
Climate change 03-03-2016

Tetra Pak: No packaging should end up in landfill

An EU-wide ban on landfill waste would provide a much-needed push for the circular economy by increasing the amount of recycled raw materials available on the market, says Erika Mink.

Vella: Construction essential for circular economy

SPECIAL REPORT / Construction will be an essential part of the transition to a circular economy, and can also drive growth, the European Union's Environment Commissioner has said. 

EEB: Disruptive businesses vital for ambitious circular economy

Disruptive new business and consumption models are needed to deliver an ambitious circular economy, and it is only the European Commission that can create the conditions for them, the European Environmental Bureau’s Stéphane Arditi has said.

Dow boss: Importing waste to burn it shows the market is working

If the policy is clear enough, the EU’s new circular economy package of waste, incineration and recycling laws could bring intertwined benefits to business and the environment, Dow Chemicals’ Government Affairs boss in Europe told EURACTIV.

Steel for the packaging industry: A more ambitious Circular Economy Package is needed

The steel for packaging industry is in favour of very high recycling targets, and is concerned by the European Commission’s withdrawal of the revised Circular Economy Package, Alexander Mohr told EURACTIV Slovakia, in an exclusive interview.

UNEP director: Crises will drive collaboration at COP21

The pressures of international catastrophes, such as the economic and refugee crisis, will drive closer collaboration between countries to fight climate change and create a new circular economy, Surendra Shresta said in an interview with EURACTIV.

Municipal waste chief: Coherent awareness campaigns key to cutting EU waste

As members of the European Parliament endorsed strong targets on cutting EU waste yesterday (14 January), including phasing out the thinnest plastic bags, coherent communication campaigns will help the move gain traction across the continent, says Vanya Veras.

Waste-to-energy boss: incineration can complement recycling

By recycling what can be recycled and burning for energy what cannot, there is a place for incineration in the circular economy, says Ella Stengler.

Green campaigner: Incineration causes more problems than it solves

Touted by some as a two-fold solution to the EU's energy and waste problems, incineration is not the answer the EU looking for as it debates changes to its waste and landfill rules, argues Ariadna Rodrigo.

Plastic pipe industry chief: Banking on a greener future

Growing market requirements for ‘green procurement’ is driving sustainability, but the success of voluntary corporate sustainability initiatives depends on the attitude and enthusiasm of businesses to live up to higher standards, says Tony Calton.
Trade & Society 16-11-2012

Waste expert: Recycled products ‘faced with the REACH regulation’

Although the REACH law on chemicals does not cover waste as such, it does affect recycled products which rely on secondary raw materials extracted from waste. At the end of the day, recycling companies might find it difficult to comply, holding back the EU's drive to consume less raw materials, says Wobbe van der Meulen.

Packaging boss: ‘Paper for recycling is short in Europe’

Demand for recycled paper is so strong in Asian countries that corrugated board manufacturers are finding it hard to get sufficient supply, Roberto Villaquiran said in an interview with EURACTIV.
Batteries 12-10-2011

Umicore chief: Recycling comes at a cost

In September 2011, Belgium’s first battery recycling plant opened in Hoboken. The €25 million battery recycling and development centre can recover nearly all the elements used in electric and hybrid cars, but so far only two car companies have signed deals with it. Despite the EU batteries directive, recycling lithium is an expensive process and for the moment, the Hoboken plant is operating beneath its capacity.
Climate change 03-06-2008

MEP: Waste management culture ‘lacking in Slovenia’

Eastern European countries are still grappling with the legacy of communist-era waste collection and treatment systems, according to Mojca Dr?ar Murko, a Slovenian MEP who says consumer education is now key. She spoke to EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview ahead of the Commission's annual Green Week event.

‘The new paradigm in terms of renewables in cities is waste’

London Vice-Mayor Nicky Gavron plans to spearhead decentralised generation in the UK's capital so that every household can eventually produce its own energy and cut CO2 emissions. New fines for polluting trucks and coaches are also planned for next year, she told EURACTIV in an interview.
Climate change 14-06-2007

‘Harmonisation needed’ in e-waste Directive (WEEE)

The EU's WEEE Directive to collect and recycle electronic waste has created a heavy administrative burden for companies that is exacerbated by the multitude of national systems, says Kirstie McIntyre from HP.