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EU Priorities 2020 18-06-2008

Watered-down waste directive gets MEPs’ green light

MEPs agreed yesterday (17 June) to back new waste legislation despite the lack of binding goals for member states on waste prevention, while targets for re-use and recycling are included. NGOs and green groups immediately slammed the directive for not going far enough.
Climate change 20-07-2006

Batteries Directive

In July 2006, the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers agreed on a compromise to revise the 1991 Directive on batteries and accumulators. The new directive provides for a minimal ban on cadmium and mercury as well as for collecting and recycling targets to be reached by 2016 at the latest.

Commission opts for hands-off approach on waste policy

The proposed new waste strategy seeks to cut waste generation and boost recycling and recovery through a new 'life-cycle' approach. But it leaves the thorny issue of recycling and prevention targets to EU states.
Climate change 04-11-2004

Packaging Waste (no longer updated)

The packaging and packaging waste directive (94/62/EC) was amended in January 2004 by directive 2004/12/EC. The revised directive sets new recovery and recycling targets for a five-year phase. The Conciliation Committee (between Parliament and Council) has reached a compromise on the review of the Packaging Waste Directive - permitting Member States to count incineration for recovery targets.

Council cautious on waste prevention

While approving the Commission's approach on waste prevention, environment ministers have avoided the thorny issues of targets. Market-based instruments have been left to Member States to decide.

Prevention and recycling of waste: EU ministers confirm life-cycle approach

The Commission's proposed life-cycle approach on prevention and recycling of waste has been given "clear recognition" by the informal environment Council. Decoupling and targets are still a long way off.
Climate change 04-03-2004

Council seeks agreement on waste shipment to end ‘eco-dumping’

The Council has debated the thorny issue of waste shipment to put an end to so-called 'eco dumping' practices whereby waste travels around in search of the lowest treatment standards.
Enlargement 13-02-2004

New Member States to be given extra time on electronic waste recycling

On the basis of poor recycling records and low populations densities, seven new Member States are to be granted between one and two extra years to comply with the electronic waste directive.
Climate change 02-10-2003

Negligence in implementation of waste directive upsets Parliament

On 1 October, the Parliament's environment committee examined an own-initiative report on the implementation of the waste framework directive.
Climate change 02-07-2003

EU to tighten the rules for transports of hazardous waste

On 1 July, the Commission proposed to review the Regulation on shipments of waste in and out of the European Union.
Climate change 28-05-2003

Commission launches stakeholder consultation on prevention and recycling of waste

The Commission adopted on 27 May a Communication preparing a comprehensive Thematic Strategy on prevention and recycling of waste.
Climate change 25-03-2002

EEA outlines measures for reducing landfill of biodegradable waste

On 22 March, the European Environment Agency (EEA) issued a study on the status of biodegradable waste in Europe. It highlights the differences between the national strategies drawn up, the methods currently used and the alternatives to landfill available.
Climate change 20-02-2002

Independent study says oil regeneration is a good environmental choice

A new study provides evidence that the regeneration of waste oils into new oils is a better environmental option than incineration. It also shows that incentives are needed to promote regeneration.
Climate change 23-04-2001

Germany’s Green Dot company under EU fire

Commission condemns German "Green Dot" company for abuse of dominant position in market for collection and recycling of sales packaging
Climate change 10-04-2001

Competition investigation no threat to “Green Dot” system

European Commission will in next few weeks rule on licencing practices of Germany's "Green Dot" company DSD
Climate change 24-08-2000

Denmark taxes packaging materials according to eco-load

Denmark is planning differentiated taxation of packaging materials, based on the environmental load of the products' life-cycle
Climate change 27-07-2000

Commission adopts Green Paper on PVC

The Commission published its long-awaited Green Paper on the environmental effects of PVC.
Climate change 21-07-2000

American companies want more EU waste harmonisation

The EU Committee of AmCham wants harmonised rules on waste and more scientific criteria for designating waste as hazardous.

Commission to propose new strategy on PVC

The Commission is expected to publish its 5th horizontal study on the environmental consequences of PVC later this week.
Climate change 14-06-2000

Commission tackles electric and electronic waste

The Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

End-of-life vehicles directive approved

The Council and the European Parliament reached an agreement in the conciliation committee on end of life vehicles directive