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Circular materials 18-05-2022

New restrictions on waste exports risk hindering recycling in Europe, industry warns

European Commission plans to overhaul of the EU's waste shipment regulation could hit the recycling industry by creating a captive market in Europe with artificially low prices that will depress investments in recycling, the industry has warned. 

Europe cracks down on illegal waste exports, eases intra-EU trade

The European Commission put forward new rules on Wednesday (17 November) to crack down on the illegal shipment of waste to foreign countries, while easing procedures to trade recycled materials within the EU's borders.

NGOs call for ban on waste shipment out of the EU

NGOs protested outside the European Commission with a giant dragon towering over a map, showing the impact of Europe's waste shipped to the rest of the world.  
Circular materials 04-06-2021

Metals recycling in EU could collapse under new rules, companies say

Europe's metals recycling industry could collapse under the European Commission's proposed changes to waste shipments that clamp down on exports to encourage recycling, members of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) have warned.
Circular materials 20-04-2021

Stop exporting plastic waste out of Europe, EU lawmakers say

Thirty-one lawmakers in the European Parliament have signed a manifesto calling for the end of plastic waste exports outside Europe and the facilitation of intra-EU shipment procedures to promote a genuine circular economy within the EU.