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Cities & regions 29-04-2021

Water cooperation with global South helps European regions

Decentralised cooperation for sustainable water management and sanitation between European regional, local authorities with their counterparts across the globe is key to help localise sustainable development goals, stakeholders say.

World Bank bets on ‘socially responsible’ water pricing

Making users pay for water should be part of any policymakers' toolkit to manage scarcity, says Lars H. Thunell of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation. But with safe drinking water now officially recognised as a human right, this has to be done in "a socially responsible way," he argues.

Some nations could see EU water aid run dry

Impoverished people in India, Brazil and other emerging countries could be left in the lurch under EU plans to redirect development assistance to the world’s neediest nations, aid and rights activists say.
Women filling buckets with water from a well. [F. Lefebvre/ UNICEF]
Development Policy 06-03-2012

UN goals on safe drinking water reaches target early

The international target to halve the number of people who do not have access to safe drinking water has been met, five years before the 2015 deadline, the UN announced on today (6 March).