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Bishow Parajuli, the World Food Programme's representative in Yemen, in the capital, Sana'a. [Fares Khoailed/WFP].
Development Policy 25-07-2014

UN official: Yemen could be ‘first country to run out of water’

Since the political crisis erupted in Yemen in 2011, the country has begun to move towards democracy. Many challenges remain in the country, wracked by civil unrest and widespread water and food insecurity, says Bishow Parajuli, the UN World Food Programme's representative in Yemen.

Expert: Medicines pollute world waters

Europe's freshwaters are increasingly filled with pharmaceutical residues and other micro-pollutants, which are potentially harmful to human health and the environment, warns Friedrich Barth from the European Water Partnership (EWP), a research group.
Agrifood 21-10-2010

Industry: Indicators underway for water-efficient agriculture

Large multinational food companies are currently looking at indicators farmers could use to show progress in saving water. Peter Erik Ywema of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, an industry platform, spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
Agrifood 19-10-2010

Expert: Water footprint key to sustainable agriculture

Precise data on water usage will soon help farmers and policymakers make better decisions on where to grow crops, says Derk Kuiper from the Water Footprint Network, a UN-backed organisation.