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Politics 26-04-2022

Germany to allow shipment of heavy weaponry to Ukraine

The German 'traffic light' coalition will intensify its efforts to support Ukraine with weapons and is green-lighting the delivery of heavy weaponry by industry, marking a distinct change in approach.
Politics 20-04-2022

Delivery of heavy weapons no longer ‘taboo’, foreign minister says

With German chancellor Olaf Scholz increasingly caught in a crossfire over his hesitancy to assist Ukraine, foreign minister Annalena Baerbock stressed on Wednesday (20 April) that the shipment of heavy weaponry would now be on the table.
Europe's East 23-03-2022

‘Ukraine needs more weapons to defend itself’

The best way to finish the war is by sending to Ukraine heavy armament, especially capable of controlling the sky, however, many EU and NATO countries are still hesitating in their help for Ukraine or providing too little, writes Roman Rukomeda.

France’s weapons exports see sharp increase on European market

France's arms sales in 2018 were worth €9.118 billion, up 30% compared to 2017. Exports to European countries are seeing a strong increase, according to the French Ministry for Armed Forces. EURACTIV's partner Brussels2.eu reports.
Politics 18-04-2019

Weapons research is undermining European democracy

The European Parliament is voting on Thursday (18 April) on the European Defence Fund, a multi-billion military research programme. Not only is this Fund a step in the militarisation of the EU, but it is also undermining European democracy, writes Bram Vranken.

Military industry fund could encourage development and export of controversial weaponry

The EU is about to agree a shared military industry fund which will give billions to arms companies and exacerbate the global arms race. Presented as a key step to strengthen the EU, instead, it enshrines renewed prevalence of national interests in a hard-security context, writes Laëtitia Sédou.
Trade & Society 05-12-2016

Commission battles hostile firearms lobby

One year and hundreds of hours of meetings after the Paris attacks, the EU is still struggling to find common ground on the regulation of firearms. Some hunters and sport shooters have flatly rejected the debate. EURACTIV France reports.

The Brief: Regulate toasters for an ambitious circular economy

The European Commission will call into question the much-vaunted ambition of its Circular Economy Package, if it doesn't regulate products such as toasters and hairdryers.

EU ministers turn wary eye on migration from North Africa

On Friday (10 June) European Union ministers will look into ways of stemming the flow of refugees who set sail for Europe from North Africa, after a deal with Turkey has cut arrivals via Greece to a trickle.
Security 14-01-2016

MEPs call for European arms embargo

Following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, two French MEPs have called for tighter restrictions on weapons in the EU. EURACTIV France reports.

Finland sets sights on exemption from EU gun ban

Finland said on Wednesday (16 December) it would demand some exceptions from planned European Union restrictions on the use of firearms, citing national defence needs.

Commission points finger at capitals for poor external border controls

The European Commission blamed member states on Wednesday (18 November) for not using existing rules aimed at bolstering checks at the EU’s external borders on EU citizens that could pose a threat.

MEPs denounce EU funding of Israeli defence firms

MEPs have called for tighter controls on European financing of Israeli companies. Lax regulation currently allows weapons manufacturers access to EU funding. EURACTIV France reports
Global Europe 02-09-2014

Merkel defends decision to arm Iraqi Kurds with German weapons

Speaking to the Bundestag on Monday (1 September), German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended the government's controversial decision to supply Kurds in northern Iraq with arms to aid their fight against the extremist Islamic State (IS). EURACTIV Germany reports.
German Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel. Brussels 2014 [The Council of the European Union]
Trade & Society 20-08-2014

German government pushes for ‘Europeanisation’ of arms industry

On Tuesday (19 August) Sigmar Gabriel, Germany's Minister of Economic Affairs, announced his intention to accelerate consolidation and Europeanisation of Germany's arms industry. EURACTIV Germany reports.