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Simon Hampton [Lisbon Council/Flickr]
Transport 08-07-2014

Writing Europe back into the Uber debate

The debate over online taxi service Uber has shown that the digital services industry is at our doorstep. It's time to deliver a single market for services that enables young European companies the chance to scale up, writes Simon Hampton.
Sports 09-09-2009

EU Court strikes blow to gambling industry

European Union law may allow countries to ban foreign gambling websites if the intention is to prevent criminal offences, the European Court of Justice said yesterday (8 September) in a judgement that goes against previous rulings by the Court and is sure to reverberate through the betting industry.
Trade & Society 06-05-2003

The Doha Development Agenda and Prospects for the Cancun Ministerial

Dr Supachai Panitchpakdi, Director General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), warned of the serious challenges still facing the Doha trade and development negotiations.
Euro & Finance 30-12-2002

Mutual recognition in goods and services: an economic perspective

This paper provides the economic and strategic arguments for employing mutual recognition much more systematically in the single market for goods and services.

More clarity for state aid in general services

The Commission on 17 October adopted a report to increase legal certainty and transparency in the application of state aid rules for services of general interest. An improved system of evaluation of these services should "benefit" the citizens.