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Brexit 16-06-2015

For a future EU of the citizens, for the citizens, with the citizens

The recently published Better Regulation Agenda is rightly committed to “consulting more, listening better” using ICT and Web 2.0 technologies but raises certain concerns, says Elisa Bruno.
Transport 05-12-2013

Blind people want noisier cars to improve pedestrian safety

The European Blind Union (EBU) has called on the EU institutions to uphold blind people’s basic right to walk the streets safely, warning that the proliferation of electric and hybrid vehicles pose a serious threat to the blind and partially sighted.
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Digital & Media 22-05-2013

Digital literacy: an interview with Mark Surman

StartUp Europe – a collaboration between the Lisbon Council and Telefónica – hosted a Deep-Dive on Digital and Web Literacy. Organised in partnership with Mozilla Foundation, the roundtable highlighted the need not only to advance digital skills as a way to respond to the unemployment crisis among Europe’s young but also to give citizens the tools they need to become active participants on the web.
Public Affairs 02-10-2008

Campaign seeks to boost interest in EU health initiatives

A new campaign by the European Commission aims to reach out to citizens via a website which showcases the bloc's initiatives to improve health care across Europe.
Digital & Media 17-04-2008

Web 2.0: New opportunities, new risks

New user-friendly technologies have made the Internet more interactive, turning millions of users into content creators and increasing the services available online. The changes introduced have created a kind of second-generation Internet - the so-called Web 2.0.
Public Affairs 27-02-2008

Forum seeks to address ‘gulf’ between youth and policymakers

An innovative online forum has been launched to narrow the 'yawning gulf' between the concerns of young professionals and those of the EU institutions.
Public Affairs 26-04-2005

PR firms show growing interest in weblogs

Public trust in 'real people' is raising public relations firms' interest in online personal journals to promote brand names and run political campaigns. A new study looks at the new era of "mass personalisation" and professional word-of-mouth marketing.