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Brexit 09-07-2020

EU nationals shut out from UK welfare scheme, report warns

EU citizens in the UK risk being shut out of accessing the country’s welfare system as a result of a little-known test that requires them to prove that they are permanently in the UK, according to research published on Thursday (9 July).

What to do with rejected asylum seekers?

As the EU considers tougher rules for returning asylum seekers who had their application rejected, more people might be placed in detention and the possibility of voluntary return could be limited, writes Anna Lundberg.
Economy & Jobs 04-05-2018

Longevity and the limits of the welfare state in Europe

In November 2017, the EU proclaimed the European Pillar of Social Rights. However, there are still many shortcomings within the current welfare state and unless policies reflect values then plummeting fertility rates or fading solidarity between young and old will persist, writes Anna Záborská.
Economy & Jobs 17-04-2018

What kind of budget do Europeans need?

The EU's new multiannual budget must reflect its new ambitions. Europe must assert itself as a geopolitical entity, as a democratic power with not only an economic dimension but social and cultural as well, writes MEP Maria João Rodrigues.  
Economy & Jobs 14-09-2017

German minister: ‘Platforms have to pay social security in the future’

Thorben Albrecht is responsible for addressing the impact of the digital revolution on the labour sector and preparing Germany workers for the future. The minister presented his Work 4.0 white paper at the Future of Work conference hosted by Estonia’s rotating presidency of the EU.
Elections 03-12-2012

New Slovenian president faces growing social unrest

The austerity measures introduced by the current government have brought many people to the streets to defend their social rights, and the belief that Slovenia should remain firmly grounded on the premises of a modern welfare state, writes Marko Bucik.

Linking retirement to life expectancy ‘saves welfare’

As the French government reels from a series of strikes and protests over its plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, a leading Brussels policy expert warns of more trouble ahead across Europe unless governments are frank with voters about the fundamental reforms required to grapple with the looming demographic crisis. 

Redistributing wealth across Brussels

"There [has been] a growing disparity between the highest and lowest incomes [in Brussels] since the end of the 1980s," argue Christian Kesteloot, a professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and Maarten Loopmans, a lecturer at the Erasmus University College Brussels, in a Brussels Studies e-journal.
Future EU 21-02-2007

A chance for a new foundation of the EU

In this ZEI discussion paper, Professor Ludger Kühnhardt puts forward the idea that the current crisis of the EU could be a real chance for a new foundation of the EU to make it more appealing to its citizens.
Elections 18-09-2006

New Swedish leader promises privatisations

Welfare reforms and privatisations, but no new euro referendum, form the agenda of new Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of the centre-right coalition which ousted the Social Democrats.  

Swedish elections to challenge Nordic Model?

The centre-right alliance in Sweden has a slight lead over the ruling Social Democrat party in polls prior to elections on 17 September. The actual unemployment rate, welfare benefits and tax on labour are key issues.  
Brexit 28-03-2006

Strikes hit France, UK and Germany

Three of the EU's leading economies will be hit by strikes on 28 March. Both in France and the UK the disruptions underline the difficulty in pushing through labour market reforms.   
Elections 03-09-2004

Schröder may lose German State elections amid welfare protests

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democratic Party is likely to suffer a defeat in the upcoming regional state elections amid anger over planned cuts to jobless benefits, polls show.
Euro & Finance 30-04-2003

EU enlargement: external economic implications

This policy briefing discusses the main economic aspects of the external dimension, in particular whether there is a threat of trade diversion.
Euro & Finance 30-03-2003

Mutual recognition, unemployment and the welfare state

This paper aims to explain the advantages of using the principle of mutual recognition, instead of equal treatement, in the Union's labour markets.