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Brexit 11-02-2016

Key ‘Brexit’ decisions must wait until EU summit

Talks on a deal to keep Britain in the EU will go down to the wire at a leaders summit next week after negotiators failed to reach a breakthrough on the key issues on Thursday (11 February), European sources said.
Brexit 03-02-2016

Juncker tells divided MEPs to back EU-UK Brexit deal

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today in Strasbourg (3 February) told Members of the European Parliament to back the deal struck by David Cameron and Donald Tusk to keep Britain in the EU.
Brexit 02-02-2016

EU ‘Brexit’ deal fails to deliver on migrants’ benefits, treaty change

A draft deal to secure the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union has failed to deliver British demands for a total ban of four years on EU migrants claiming in-work benefits and for the bloc’s treaties to be rewritten.
Brexit 01-02-2016

Commission warns that UK reform deal must be accepted by all member states

Britain and the EU have made progress on reforms that would help keep London in the 28-nation bloc. But there was no agreement, and all member states must accept a deal, the European Commission said on Monday (1 February).
Brexit 14-01-2016

Commission’s British Brexit boss can’t vote in UK referendum

The British EU official in charge of the European Commission’s strategy on Brexit, will not be able to vote in the upcoming referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the bloc.
David Cameron
Brexit 14-12-2015

Cameron not planning to drop EU welfare demands

British Prime Minister David Cameron's office on Sunday played down reports that he was prepared to drop one of his key demands for reforming Britain's relationship with the European Union after other countries made it clear they would not accept it.
Brexit 06-10-2015

Europhile Brits relieved after EU judges’ decisions on welfare, prisoners’ votes

European Union judges today (6 October) ruled that a ban on prisoners voting in European elections was legal, and suggested that checks on child migrants’ welfare payments were lawful, in decisions that have pro-EU Brits breathing a sigh of relief.