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Climate change 26-04-2018

Seven EU countries call for stronger climate action in Europe

The ecology and environment ministers of seven European countries met in Paris on 25 April and called for a more ambitious climate strategy for the EU. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Development Policy 06-11-2015

COP21 deal at risk over development aid ‘greenwashing’

Development aid commitments by European Union countries are at “increasing risk” of being greenwashed to meet climate finance promises to poorer nations that could be a “deal-breaker” for an international agreement to cap global warming later this month.
Energy 03-07-2015

Time for pollution pricing to work for the climate

The reform of the Emissions Trading Scheme is an opportunity for the EU to restore its climate action leadership, argue six climate and development NGOs.
Transport 17-06-2015

Decarbonising Europe: Fossil fuel subsidies must go

The Commission is organising a huge conference on decarbonising European transport this week, but remains unwilling to discuss government support for fossil fuels, writes Wendel Trio.
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Economy & Jobs 13-05-2015

Climate and Energy: A just transition?

The European Commission’s Energy Union strategy is very ambitious and will cut across a number of policy sectors including energy, transport, research and innovation, foreign policy, regional and neighborhood policy, trade and agriculture, according to the EU executive's plan. €119 billion will be invested in the energy transmission projects needed by 2020 and a significant effort in legislative proposals will follow. Solidarity will be the major play card in Europe.

Strong market stability reserve a step towards green growth

Let’s get the facts straight ahead of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee vote on the creation of a market stability reserve mechanism in the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), writes Wendel Trio.
Energy 05-12-2014

Government coal subsidies must be stopped

 If the EU and its member states are to achieve their climate targets, they need to make decisive efforts to completely eliminate the use of coal. A vital first step would be to immediately stop fossil fuel subsidies to the coal industry, writes Wendel Trio.
Bernadette Ségol, general secretary of the ETUC. [ETUC CES/Flickr]
Climate change 22-09-2014

Climate change: Act for people, listen to science

Extreme weather events, including floods and storms, have driven growing numbers of Europeans from their homes. EU governments urgently need to take the lead in tackling the global threat of climate change, write Bernadette Ségol and Wendel Trio.
Energy 18-03-2014

The time to act on climate is now

EU leaders will decide the future of European climate policy. EU citizens are worried about climate change and politicians cannot afford to postpone decisive steps forward any longer, Wendel Trio writes.
Climate change 18-04-2012

The EU must come together on the green climate fund

Lives and livelihoods in vulnerable countries hang in the balance while rich countries bicker over who will disburse climate cash, argues Wendel Trio of Climate Action Network Europe.
Energy 23-02-2012

It’s now or never for a strong Energy Efficiency Directive

The European Parliament needs to make a strong bid for the Energy Efficiency bill by speaking with a united voice at the Energy committee's vote on 28 February, says Wendel Trio, director of Climate Action Network Europe. 
Climate change 05-10-2011

Europe can save the Kyoto Protocol

Europe should maintain its leadership on climate change and maintain pressure on global partners to save the Kyoto protocol. There are really two paths for Europe, writes climate expert Wendel Trio, either to extend its commitment to the Kyoto Protocol or to move towards ending it.