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Economy & Jobs 08-07-2019

The EU must finally tackle Japan on whale industry

As Japan quits the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (IWC) to resume commercial whaling, Joanna Swabe and Matthew Collis urge the European Commission to put pressure on Europe's trading partner to stop killing cetaceans and undermining international law.

Iceland pledges inquest after blue whale scandal

Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir confirmed at last week's NATO summit that her country would launch an investigation into Iceland’s controversial whaling industry, following the killing of what is thought to be a protected blue whale.
Trade & Society 31-01-2017

Wildlife protection: Leveraging the EU-Japan trade deal

The EU-Japan trade deal is an opportunity to encourage Japan to stop flouting multilateral environmental agreements, writes Joanna Swabe.
Climate change 28-06-2016

The EU needs to talk whaling with Japan

Japan has resumed its ‘scientific’ whaling activities in Antarctica. The EU should use its trade deal negotiations to gain commitments from the Far-East country to enforce the multilateral environmental agreements to which it is a signatory, write Chris Butler-Stroud and Joanna Swabe.
Climate change 04-06-2012

Denmark’s balancing act on the issue of whaling

When holding the EU Presidency, a country is expected to conduct itself in a transparent manner, coordinating and seeking common ground. But in 2012, Denmark has once again opposed a pro-conservation EU position on whaling, and without appropriately consulting other EU members it has applied for a renewed increase in whaling quotas for Greenland, says Chris Butler-Stroud.
Enlargement 09-11-2010

MEP: Iceland needs EU, not the other way around

Icelanders may appear sceptical about joining the EU, but the country needs the European Union more than the other way around, Estonian MEP Indrek Tarand (Greens/European Free Alliance), a member of the EU-Iceland joint parliamentary committee, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 27-07-2010

Iceland gatecrashes EU antechamber

Just one year after crisis-hit Iceland submitted its application to join the European Union, the bloc's foreign ministers yesterday decided that the Nordic country should start accession talks today (27 July).
Enlargement 08-07-2010

Parliament green-lights Iceland’s EU accession bid

The European Parliament has welcomed the prospect of Iceland joining the EU in the near future but also called on the country to cease all whaling as a prerequisite, in a resolution adopted on Wednesday (7 July).