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Agrifood 29-06-2022

Wheat prices to jump by a third if Russian exports halve, warn OECD, UN

Wheat prices are set to skyrocket by 34% in the event that exports from Russia are halved, and will rise by 19% if exports from Ukraine are cut completely, according to the latest predictions from the world’s major food and development organisations.
Agrifood 24-06-2022

G7 gear up to counter Putin’s use of ‘hunger as weapon’

Ahead of a G7 summit this weekend, the German government gathered ministers from 40 countries in Berlin on Friday (24 June) to draw up strategies for global food security in the face of Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ports.
Agrifood 16-06-2022

EU-India clash over push on free trade of food

The Indian government has lambasted a push from the EU and other World Trade Organisation (WTO) members to keep global trade on foodstuffs open to cope with the fallout of the Ukraine war, backing countries' right to stockpile to feed their citizens.
Agrifood 25-05-2022

Commission considers easing rules on crop rotation to grow more wheat

The Commission is open to a German proposal to delay new EU rules on crop rotation in order to increase wheat production in the light of the Ukraine war, after the idea won approval from a number of member states.
Agrifood 20-05-2022

German development minister understands India’s wheat export ban

India restricting its wheat exports amid the tense global market situation is understandable due to the prevailing drought in the country, German Economic Cooperation and Development Minister Svenja Schulze said. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Agrifood 19-05-2022

MEPs ask to pause CAP biodiversity requirements amid Ukraine war

The majority group leaders of the European Parliament's agriculture committee asked the Commission to consider temporary derogations of the EU’s already adopted agriculture subsidies reform in light of the war in Ukraine.
Global Europe 17-05-2022

US backs UN push to get Ukraine grain back to global market

The United States supports efforts by UN Secretary-General António Guterres to get Ukrainian grain back into the international marketplace amid the war, the US ambassador to the United Nations said on Monday (16 May).
Agrifood 13-05-2022

Ukraine minister seeks G7 help to export 40 million tonnes of grain

Global food security and the impact of Russia’s invasion are high on the agenda of the G7 agriculture ministers meeting on Friday and Saturday (13-14 May), with Ukrainian minister Mykola Solskyj as a special guest.
Agrifood 12-05-2022

Commission opens ‘solidarity lanes’ to strengthen EU-Ukraine food export

The European Commission has introduced new so-called ‘solidarity lanes’ to improve EU-Ukraine connectivity for grain export, including through railways, amid the blockade of Ukrainian ports due to the Russian invasion.
Agrifood 10-05-2022

Play nice if you want our agri-trade: EU hangs food security threat over Turkey

Turkey must play by the rules if it hopes to strengthen its agricultural relations with the EU in order to bolster its food security in light of the Ukraine war, member states stressed ahead of a high-level meeting this week.
Global Europe 09-05-2022

On surprise Odesa trip, Charles Michel takes cover during missile strike

European Council President Charles Michel, who made a surprise visit to Odesa on Monday (9 May), was forced to break off a meeting and take cover when missiles again struck the southern Ukrainian city, an EU official said.
Agrifood 29-04-2022

India’s wheat export boom brings a bonanza to farmers, and budget relief

For the first season in over a decade, Indian farmer Rajensingh Pawar is selling his new wheat crop to private traders instead of the state stockpiler, as a global wheat price rally gives India's suppliers a rare profitable export window.
Agrifood 22-04-2022

Albania increased Russian wheat imports since Ukraine war

Albania imported 10,000 tonnes of wheat from Russia in March 2021, following the latter's invasion of Ukraine - an increase of 20% from the first quarter prior to the war, and an increase of 100% on last year's figures.
Agrifood 20-04-2022

Germany calls for global food security alliance

German development minister Svenja Schulze is travelling to the World Bank Group's spring meetings in Washington with a clear mission: G7 and donor countries should form a food security alliance to tackle the global food crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Agrifood 10-03-2022

EU farmers boss: War might hit our food supplies, but will hit Africa, Middle East harder

The EU is unlikely to go hungry as a consequence of the war in Ukraine, but it could have a devastating impact on areas of Africa and the Middle East, according to farming boss Pekka Pesonen, who called on an 'enhanced' Green Deal package to maintain both quality and quantity in the European food supply.
Agrifood 01-03-2022

Ukraine war puts EU food security into spotlight, agri sector told to brace for impact

The war in Ukraine has thrown the thorny issue of food security in the EU to the fore as the European Commission warns the EU agri-food sector to brace itself for impact, both now and in the long term.
Agrifood 24-06-2021

EU grain industry warns of import surge from green goals

European Union targets to reduce the environmental impact of farming could cut crop production sharply and turn the bloc into a net cereal importer, grain industry group Coceral said on Wednesday (23 June).
Agrifood 23-04-2021

Agrifood Brief: Black gold

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