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Sports 26-05-2004

EU to pull its weight in fight against obesity

In a follow-up to the global strategy adopted by the World Health Organisation to tackle obesity European experts are gathering to discuss action against this 21st-century 'epidemic'.
Health 22-01-2004

EU and US differ on WHO strategy to curb obesity

The World Health Organisation (WHO) faces US opposition to a new global strategy proposal on diet, physical activity and health but has welcomed the EU's prioritisation of the fight against heart disease.
Climate change 27-10-2003

Health & Environment: Council wants inclusion of quantifiable objectives

On 27 October, Environment Ministers will adopt conclusions on the European strategy for health and environment. The strategy is designed to tackle the problem of illnesses linked to environmental factors.
Climate change 10-07-2003

First stakeholders’ meeting on European health and environment strategy

On 11 July, the Commission will host a first stakeholders' meeting to discuss the European health and environment strategy.
Climate change 11-06-2003

Commission wants to protect children from environmental pollution

Worried about the increasing health effects of environmental pollution, the Commission adopted a Communication outlining a European strategy for Environment and Health on 11 June.
Health 18-02-2002

Ministers want tobacco-free Europe

The health ministers and high representatives of 51 countries are meeting from 18 to 19 February 2002 in Warsaw at the "European Ministerial Conference for a Tobacco-free Europe", organised by the World Health Organisation. They will discuss new measures to reduce tobacco consumption, prepare a global anti-tobacco treaty, and try to find a common position before the 4th session of the Framework Convention on tobacco control next month.

Alcohol biggest killer of young Europeans

Alcohol named Europe's number one killer of young people according to new World Health Organisation study

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